The Neverending Story-Turning Points Essay Example
The Neverending Story-Turning Points Essay Example

The Neverending Story-Turning Points Essay Example

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  • Published: August 26, 2016
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There are many important life lessons displayed in The Neverending Story. There are battles between good and evil and wishes that can change everything. There are two events in The Neverending Story that have much more importance than the rest- these two events are The Battle of the Ivory Tower, and when Bastian visits The City of Old Emperors. The Battle of the Ivory Tower starts when Xayide convinces Bastian that Atreyu and Falkor are trying to steal AURYN from him by giving him the belt Ghemmal so that he can listen in to a conversation where Atreyu and Falkor are discussing taking the AURYN from Bastian to protect him.

When Bastian hears of this, he is outraged and tells Atreyu and Falkor “Just go away, the farther the better, and ne


ver let me lay eyes on you again. I banish you forever. I have never known you“(Ende 360). Bastian is so full of himself that he banishes what used to be his only friends (in Fantastica) and tells them to never see him again. He later decides (with help from the input of Xayide) to crown himself Emperor of Fantastica. Atreyu creates what seems like a rebellion against Bastian which leads to an epic battle (The Battle of the Ivory Tower).

During the battle a very important fight happens between Bastian and Atreyu with the sword Sikanda. Bastian was first given the sword Sikanda by Grograman, the Many Colored Death. When Grograman gives Sikanda to Bastian, he tells him “You must not use it by force. Whatever may threaten you, you may wield it only if it leaps into you

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hand by its own accord. ”(Ende 233). He also tells him “If your will makes you draw it from its sheath, you will bring great misfortune to yourself and on Fantastica. ”(Ende 233).

Grograman is warning Bastian that Sikanda is not to be used unless it jumps to his hand, and if it is used without it leaping into his hands- bad things will happen. When Bastian is fighting with Atreyu he tries to draw the sword but it does not budge. He forces Sikanda out of its sheath and attempts to fight Atreyu with it; Sikanda ends up cutting through Atreyu’s sword, and stabs him. This part in the story is very relevant because at the beginning of The Neverending Story Bastian looks up to Atreyu as a hero.

Xayide manipulates Bastian and convinces him that Atreyu and Falkor are trying to steal the AURYN from him so that they can be the new rulers of Fantastica. He is so narrow minded that he refuses to listen to Atreyu when he is trying to help Bastian, and he lets Xayide influence his mind. This chapter shows how when Bastian is given the AURYN, it gives him too much power and it goes to his head- negatively affecting his personality. When Bastian met Grograman and was given the sword Sikanda, he promised that he would never use it if it did not jump to his hand.

He used it against Atreyu in vain, and broke his promise to Grograman. Also when he first met Atreyu, Bastian looked up to him as a hero. Once he had been given attention and praise for being

“the savior” Bastian let his ego go to his head and ended up not only breaking a promise- but hurting someone who he cared about. Another major turning point in The Neverending Story is when Bastian visits the City of Old Emperors. When Bastian visits the City of Old Emperors, Argax (the monkey) tells him "You can only wish as long as you remember your world.”(Ende 380)

And then he continues to explain how all of the people in the city are humans have come to Fantastica on a mission like Bastian`s, and have not been able to find their way back to the real world. After hearing that, Bastian hits a big turning point and becomes a little more realistic and remembers his original goals. When Bastian was just entering the city he was still convinced that he should be Emperor of Fantastica. He was very vain, egotistic, and narrow-minded.

When he saw the people in the city, he asks Argax "why are they so odd?"(Ende 379) Bastian thinks that the inhabitants of the City of Old Emperors are odd, when really- if Atreyu hadn’t stopped Bastian’s crowning ceremony, he would become one of them. Bastian realizes that Atreyu had actually saved him and that is when he starts realizing what a mistake he made. Bastian knows that he must return to the real world and asks Argax ''What must I do? ''(Ende 384) After he visits the city, he learns that he is not meant to stay in Fantastica forever. He remembers how his home is out in the real world and he is supposed to return there.

This part

of the book is very important because when Bastian is entering into the City he is still convinced that it is his right to be Emperor. He is still arrogant enough that he doesn’t realize what mistakes he had made. After his experiences in the city he learns that Fantastica is not his home, and he is meant to return to the real world. These two parts in The Neverending Story are both very important In the Battle of the Ivory Tower Bastian becomes very self-riches and thinks that he deserves to be Emperor.

He loves Fantastica so much that he wants to stay there for the rest of his life. After visiting the city he realizes that Fantastica is not his home and that eventually he must go back to reality because he cannot stay hidden in his imagination forever. These two major turning points also teach very important life lessons… Not to let your ego get in the best of you, and that you cannot stay living in your imagination-you have to actually get out and live.

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