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What do you thing a public etiquette is? Smoking, drinking or taking drugs; all won’t fit in to a natural habit of healthy living. Smoking is one of the bad habits that human beings have cultrate over centuries. In this essay “Smoking Is Good for My Business” written by David Ginsburg a professor of Medicine at Queen’s University, Ontario and a Canadian oncologist. In 1977, Duke University Medical School, Durham awarded him doctoral degree for physician.

He won many prestigious awards for his work, one of them is 2004 ASCI award. He talks about effect of smoking on people’s health and its economic problems which leading to other social problems. In present scenario, rate of smoking is increasing day by day which affects the health as well as the environment in which we live. Smoking is one of the most common forms of recreational drug use. D. Ginsburg, in his essay illustrates health related problems such as lung cancer, heart diseases and many more which are highly affected by smoking. He being an oncologist comes across various cases regarding highly fatal diseases.

For instance, he gives an example of a 39 year old man suffering from lung cancer due to addiction to smoking. (Ginsburg, 2008, p. 33-35) According to the survey of American Cancer Society, approximately 87% of the cancer deaths are caused by smoking. Along with hazardous effects, smoking also leads to addiction which leads to different life-related problems. Also, smoking can bring changes in body functions like improper digestion, frequent headaches, and low immune power. (American cancer society, 2012). Secondly, social problems caused by smoking have become one of the important issues for the society.

Smoking also affects the life of them who do not smoke but are exposed to someone smoking nearby. This is called passive smoking. This has a very serious effect on the health of the individuals getting exposed to smokes. There has always been a lack of concern towards the effects of smoking. The author states that Three hundred and fifty people died yesterday, another 350 people the day before and the day before that. Three hundred and fifty people will die today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow-all from the same cause and all involving the same industry.

Does anybody care? Ginsburg Explain the media literacy here. 350 people died in a plane crash is given more importance and coverage by the news channels and associates while on other side everyday 350 people are dying due hazardous effects of smoking which is left unattended and unfocused by media. Further author shows his anger by saying every plane was built to kill 350 people in plane in it. As it is quite clear that smoking affects the health of the individuals and it also has social problems related to it; it will not be wrong to say that smoking also affects economically.

Ginsburg asks a question, “Could I justify this to her 12-year-old daughter on the basis that her mother was dying for the economic good of society, for a tennis tournament, for a concert? ” (Ginsburg, 2008, p. 33-35) The answer of this question is her mother is suffering from lung cancer due to smoking habit that she had right from her teenage and the money she spends buying cigarette will be forwarded to some tournament, a concert or a charity to society by cigarette companies.

Author states that she was funding all these events against her own life. It has been largely observed in teenagers that the money they are given by their parents is spent on smoking and hence they are found short of money when needed for the right reasons. This sometimes leads to stealing, robbery and thefts which might lead to further problems. In a bigger economic scenario, the farmers are forced to plant tobacco for the benefit of the companies which they have to do to earn their living.

They are quite aware that the money the company earns is nothing in front of the lives that are at risk due to smoking. But this is how it goes; the same money could have been used to improve the lives of many more individuals. There has always been a lack of concern towards the effects of smoking. (The Impact of Smoking on Society, 2012). It can be rightly said that smoking is an emerging problem in a world where every third individual is affected by smoking either socially or economically and the smokers left with a big question mark on their future health.

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