Slumdog Millionairepsychology Essay Example
Slumdog Millionairepsychology Essay Example

Slumdog Millionairepsychology Essay Example

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  • Published: November 10, 2016
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The two brothers Jamal and Samil are orphans who lost their mother in an antiMuslim attack on the slum where they lived. As young children they are left to survive on their own. From the movie we see how brothers with a similar background and upbringing choose two totally different paths for their lives. The movie Slumdog Millionaire is an inspiring story that takes place in Mumbai. Jamal Salik is eighteen years old and is one question away from winning the top prize in the game show, Who wants to be a millionaire.

The host thinks he is cheating and arrests him for interrogation. The rest of the movie shows flashbacks to Jamal’s life with his brother, Salim and Latika, a girl from their slum. Jamal’s experiences in life


give him the answers to the questions on Who wants to be a millionaire. And he wins the show. After their mother’s death they stick together in their struggle to survive. They allow Latika, an orphan girl, to join them and form a close bond. Jamal sees them as the three musketeers. He only knows the names of the first two and refers to Latika as the third musketeer.

This becomes important at the end of the movie when the final question requires the name of the third musketeer. The brothers’ path splits with Latika when they have to flee from the cruel man who uses them to make money. They steal, beg and even act as tour guides at the Taj Mahal to make a living. Salim is forced to kill the gangster, Maman, to rescue Latika and protect themselves. The

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murder offers him the opportunity to work with another gangster, Javed. Javed hires him to work for him after learning that Salim had killed his rival. Salim sees the job as the only opportunity to get out of poverty.

He becomes fully involved in criminal activities. And then we look at Jamal’s life. He only resorted to criminal activity to survive when he was a child. Despite many obstacles, he looks for other options to get out of poverty. As a young adult he makes an honest living working as a delivery boy in a call centre. His love for Latika makes him grab the opportunity to be a participant in the game show. Although the choices Salim had made, hurt people he realises the mistakes he had made and helps Latika escape from Javed. Knowing that it will cost him his life, he manages to kill Javed.

He realizes that all the money in the world can’t make him happy and pays for his wrongdoing by giving his life to help Latika. Through this he helps to reunite his brother and Latika. Ironically he dies in a tub of money. The movie is about the choices made by two brothers. Jamal opts for an honest living while Salim follows a life of crime. We are inspired by the change in Salim’s attitude at the end of the film. Jamal’s success in the game show and his reunion with Latika fills the viewer with a sense of hope and victory despite incredible hardship.

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