Shane by Jack Schaefer Essay Example
Shane by Jack Schaefer Essay Example

Shane by Jack Schaefer Essay Example

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In the story, Shane, by Jack Schaefer, the character of Shane is mysterious, kind, and hard working. Shane was a very mysterious person from the first day he arrived at the Starrett’s home and displayed this through his personality and appearance. Shane also displayed kindness not long after his arrival at the Starrett’s farm and quickly became friends with the Starrett family. Shane illustrated how he was hard working when he agreed to help Joe Starrett work around the farm and help run errands for him.

The haracter of Shane proved himself to be not only mysterious, kind and hard working but also a reliable friend to Joe, Marian, and Bob Starrett. From the beginning of the story, the character of Shane displayed that he was a mysterious person. An example of how Sha


ne was mysterious was when he first arrived , and Billy noticed Shane riding towards him. Billy noted that Shane looked just like a dark shadow while riding on his horse. Another example of Shane’s mysteriousness was the fact that even though the Starrett’s knew him better than anyone he still had a ysteriousness around him.

Shane walked around without a gun which made Billy even more curious about Shane and the mysteriousness behind him. A final example of Shane’s mysteriousness was when Billy noticed that everyday Shane would just look up and stare at the mountains for a little while and then return to whatever he was doing. Although Shane was a mysterious man to everyone he knew, including the Starrett’s, he still became a very likeable and respected person to the people in the town. Anothe

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great character quality of Shane in this story was his kindness.

Despite his mysteriousness, the character of Shane also illustrated a great kindness towards everyone, even the people in the town who did not like him. Another example of Shane’s kindness was when he would constantly compliment Marian Starrett’s cooking and would and would teach Billy important life lessons. A final example of Shane’s immense kindness was when he bought Billy a knife from the towns and would buy him soda pop as well. The character of Shane was a very trustworthy and friendly person and illustrated t by the many wonderful and kind things he did for everyone, including the Starrett’s.

A final character quality of Shane in this story was his determination and hard work. An example of this character quality was when Shane helped Joe Starrett around the farm by assisting him in repairing things such as fences, and helping with the crops on the land. Another example of Shane’s hard work was when he first arrived at the Starrett’s home and began to cut down the ginormous tree stump that was on the Starrett’s land.

A final example of Shane’s hard work is when he would constantly ride into the town to run errands for Joe. Through this quality, Shane illustrated that hard work and determination are great qualities to have and are essential in order to accomplish things in life. In the story Shane, by Jack Schaefer, the character Shane is a very mysterious, kind, and hard working man who affected the lives of many. Shane was known for being for secretive and would not let his

past be known by anyone, even the Starrett’s.

He was very kind and friendly to those he met, even those in town, including a young man named Chris, and Fletcher, an evil man who wanted to buy off everyone’s land. He worked extremely hard for the Starrett’s on the farm and was very determined and devoted to getting his job done. The character of Shane is a great example for one to follow because he illustrated important character qualities and showed the importance of staying true to one’s word, no matter how long it may take to accomplish.

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