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Republic Act no. 1425, commonly known as the Rizal Law, is basically about the obligation of all schools in the Philippines to teach the life and works of Jose Rizal, the national hero, in commemoration of all the sacrifices of our heroes in the fight for our freedom. Teaching the life and works of Rizal was deemed to bring a greater sense of nationalism and idealism to the youth. To support this intention, the schools should keep adequate number of copies of the works of Jose Rizal, particularly his two renowned novels—Noli Me Tangere and El Felibusterismo.

The original unexpurgated or uncensored texts of the said novels will be used in the college level, though students may be exempted to this provision with valid reasons such as for religious beliefs. The then Board of National Education was mandated to reproduce and distribute the works of Jose Rizal, translated into English, Tagalog, and other dialects in the country, free usage for everyone who wants to read them.

The main proponent of the Rizal Bill was Senator Claro M. Recto. Senator Jose P. Laurel on the other hand, sponsored the bill in the senate. They faced a lot of criticisms especially from the religious sector claiming the bill would violate freedom of conscience and religion. After several amendments, the bill was eventually signed by President Ramon Magsaysay on June 12, 1956.

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