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The significance of Prism's vision lies in its ability to challenge divine authority and emphasize human agency. In David Mallow's Ransom, Hector's downfall fills Prima with guilt and a sense of responsibility as king, due to his perceived inadequacy in protecting his people. However, after a vision from the goddess Iris that strips him of his royal symbols, Prima embarks on a seemingly doomed journey to retrieve his son's body. While the gods shape the destinies of all men, Prism's vision challenges the notion that we are solely bound by their will. By pursuing his vision, Prima asserts that personal transformation depends on individual initiative.

Mallow demonstrates that Prism's vision empowers individuals to defy their inevitable deaths and strive for redemption. Despite their fated demise, both Prima and Achilles are driven by the


desire to reclaim their lost selves. Thus, while divine forces dictate the destinies of all characters in Ransom, there is an inherent human inclination to exert control over predetermined fates. Prima regards his kingship as a mere mockery ordained by the gods, anticipating violence that will devour Troy in the end.

Prima chooses to label his rule as a "foul-smelling mockery," suggesting that his true identity as the suppressed "child" Padres, who sacrificed his first death for power, luxury, and a new identity. The term "foul" signifies his growing contempt towards being manipulated by the gods and his inner drive to break free from his obligations as king. Mallow aims to convey that all humans are destined to follow a particular fate, which separates them from society. One's external identity, like Prima's position as king, will inevitably lead to his murde

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in the future conquest of Troy. However, Mallow does not view fate as an unchangeable course of events; instead, he suggests the possibility of challenging fate and distinguishing between what is destined and what isn't. This includes the opportunity to act independently and influence events in new directions.

Mallow believes that certain aspects of Prism's life are beyond his control and are left to the gods. However, other aspects can be changed depending on chance and his own actions. To break free from his fate, Prism must be willing to try new things. This shows that one can have some control over their destiny with perseverance and willpower. Mallow suggests that human identities are flexible and not controlled by the gods, and that change is possible through free will. On the other hand, Prima, confined to his kingly duties, has had a limited experience of the world outside Troy and has remained detached from ordinary life. The contrast between the royal palace and ordinary life highlights the formal traditions of royalty versus the hardships faced by ordinary people. Prima desires to understand and experience what it means to be human, but Polygamy disagrees, believing that the gods made him a king. This suggests that our destinies are influenced by our responsibilities and are predetermined by the gods.Despite Prism's initial resistance to appeal to Achilles on a personal level, his obstinacy gradually gives way to a determination to change his role from that of a king to that of a regular father. He pleads on the basis of common humanity, highlighting the importance of family and empathy for our enemies. Meanwhile, Comma's intimate and heartfelt stories play

a crucial role in fundamentally altering Prism's mindset. Somas, belonging to the lower social class, values the simple joys of life, like making griddlecakes and enjoying nature. He remains devoted to what little remains of his family, even though none of his children are alive anymore. In contrast, Prima, having been provided with food due to his privileged position, never considered the possibility of hidden ingredients. Mallow serves as a symbol of Prism's innocence, depicting the suppressed child within him. Furthermore, it showcases the universal desire within us to experience new things, leading Prima to develop a newfound appreciation for seemingly insignificant events in life. Additionally, the personal anguish suffered by Comma due to the loss of his children forces Prima to reevaluate his own relationship with his children. He acknowledges that their connection has been formal and symbolic in nature.Prima questions if he felt the same intensity of emotions towards the death of his children as Somas, due to Somas' vivid descriptions. Prima finally understands what it means to be an ordinary father acting out of love for his son's body after this incident. Mallow believes that Prism's intent to carry out his vision and transformation during the Journey symbolizes his departure from a king's ignorant identity. Prism's defiance of predetermined outcomes by the gods, driven by a desire to free himself and Achilles from their obligations, gives power to his vision according to Mallow. Prima is aware of the duality shared by himself and Achilles, and acknowledges that Achilles is capable of expressing human sensations just like him. However, the stereotypes associated with being a warrior prevent Achilles from showing his true tender

emotions, as he would never betray them to others. Prism's objective is to provide Achilles with the opportunity to simply be a man. Hectic firmly believes that Achilles, being a wolf and disregarding the gods' laws, cannot be freed from his barbaric self and will seize the chance to kill Prima without mercy.

It might be assumed that one would not persist in the face of danger, but Mallow shows that "what seems foolish is Just what is most sensible sometimes". The royal family sees Prism's Journey as likely to fail, but he still believes that his Journey "is possible because it is not possible". Finally, in his speech to Achilles, Prima appeals to him "as a father" and catches Achilles "entirely off guard". The image of Achilles failing to repress the tender.

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