My plan future Essay Example
My plan future Essay Example

My plan future Essay Example

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  • Published: July 14, 2016
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One of my goals has always been to be an Architect engineer, as it presents a great opportunity for me to make a difference in my community and contribute to the development of my country.

My main objective is to obtain a PhD in Architectural Engineering, with a focus on energy-conscious architecture. After that, I aim to become a university professor. In the next seven years, I see myself working for a well-known global architectural consulting company in a managerial position like project manager or manager. As a project manager, it is essential to have decisive skills and create strategic plans. My main goals in this role are efficient team management, budget establishment, and making various types of decisions.

- Architecture, which involves vision, dreams, and the hope of becoming


a reality, is the main factor contributing to the beauty of countries. There is an ongoing debate regarding whether architecture influences people's behavior or if it is the people who shape a country and its architecture. Personally, I believe that the key element in this question is "people". In examining Korean history and the perspectives of many Western individuals regarding the future of Korea, it is evident that there are doubts about its potential for restoration and development. Douglas MacArthur (Head of UN special Delegation) famously stated, "This country has no future. This country will not be restored even after a hundred years," while Vengalil Menon (Head of UN special Delegation) asked, "How can a rose blossom from a garbage dump?"

- I can now assume that Korea's impact and significance in global Architecture is increasing. Korea

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is not only unique and exotic, but also a booming country with plenty of opportunities. It is the ultimate global leader in Architecture. Hence, I strive to become part of this field. I firmly believe that getting to know Korea is essential for my future career success and will broaden my horizons and world outlook. Furthermore, it will contribute to the development of my personality. I am certain that this experience will enable me to become a pioneer in Architecture, both domestically and internationally.

Although I have plans and dreams that I envision for my future, I possess the confidence and willingness to transform them into reality through my continuous perseverance. Therefore, I know that I am alive because I hope and I dream.

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