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My dream house is located about few kilometers from the big city, in a very picturesque place near the endless river or sea. I dream about place like this as I prefer clean fresh air and unpolluted water. I don’t find myself very happy in little and uncomfortable house, so my dream house is very cozy, comfortable, well planned, with gigantic windows. If you asked about rooms, I must say that I don’t need many of them, but it is very important that all these rooms were as large as it is possible.

The modern front door opens into a spacious hall, where are many photos of family members and friends. As far as bedrooms they are very large, comfortable and elegant as well. There are soft, huge beds and many cute things. It makes me to feel comfortable. By the way, every bedroom has bathroom and toilet, which are spacious and modern. There is no question that the accent of the house is living room, it is the place where I can relax, watch TV, listen to music or just sit and look at the window to swimming pool.

I am speaking about my dream house; I must say that there are sports hall and swimming pool, sauna, good car. The kitchen must be light and have all modern equipment such as huge fridge, microwave, modern oven, dishwasher and some other things. My dream furniture is modern, comfortable, and elegant. That’s all about my dream house. I hope that one day my dreams will be come true. It would be great to live in house which is in my dreams

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