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A house or a flat is for everybody not just a place where you sleep, eat or relax, but it is a place, which we all call „ home“. Well, as the saying goes, „ As a good roof shelters us from winter? s storms, a good home shelters us from life? s storms“, home is a place where you can find, on the one hand, help, understanding and embrace of your family through the tough times in your life and on the other hand, joy, love and happiness while experiencing all the family most memorable days and events. House or flat? That is the question asked by those who start their family life or just want to become independent.

Their decision should be thought properly and considered from each sight of view. Let’s have a look at these both possible choices in more details and with further explanation. Probably the most important difference between them is, as I think, in a size of an offered area. A flat usually consists of one to four rooms, whereas a house is designed to be more comfortable and is arranged with large space for every member of a family. Lately, there? s a wide variety of houses and we just have to decide which one fits to our needs, wishes and financial situation best.

If you wish to live in country, for example, you can get a farm house or even a cottage, which is, yet, nowadays usually used as a weekend house. A standard house, whether it is a detached, a semi-detached or a terraced house, consists of a kitchen, a dining room, a master bedroom, one or two bedrooms for children, a living room, a laundry, not necessarily a study, a garage, a hall and an attic. A house has usually also a garden either for growing vegetables and breeding animals or for having a lawn with flowerbeds, possibly a small pond. When you decide for a new house, you face another decision, though.

Whether to choose from a wide offer of producers of typical family houses or cooperate with an architect who will design a unique house for you or you will merely depend on yourself. The last possibility is not recommended at all as you can fault on lots of major parts, while constructing it and that could have awkward consequences for you. The other two choices have their pros and cons as well. Contrary to a catalogue house, the house designed by an architect is surely more demanding as for time as for money. But it is guaranteed that you will get what you ask for either in a style of a house or in quality of workmanship.

So, as it said, „ We are not so rich to buy a cheap things“, you should really pay attention to rather you choose fastness and low price or you bet on a certain quality. And how much will you pay for all of this? It depends on many circumstances. When it is only a standard house without no modern amenities and is also located in an unattractive place with no job opportunities and a lack of amusement, you can get it for about three million Slovak crowns. But if you ask more, you also pay more. If you are looking for a cheaper living, then buy or rent a flat.

A recent market offers from one to four roomed flats. People living in a flat, are in a big drawback, though. They are more limited by an offered space when they want to, for instance, renovate their household. A family house, in contrast, can pique itself with more opened disposition and more spacious rooms. Nevertheless, living in a flat is not always the same. It? s obvious that you will have more space and privacy in a more than one roomed flat, but it also depends on a number of persons living together. Nowadays, you’re also not tied with only some model of a flat.

It? s up to you how your flat will look like. You can furnish it for example in a modern style with all that equipment designed in a simple pattern with no odd elements. A stylish flat, on the other hand, represents the owner? s manner of life, his hobbies, his passion for some kind of art or lifestyle. Equipment, furnishings and facilities are surely things that make a house or a flat from the inside of it. Modern equipment as a washing machine, a cooker, a vacuum cleaner, a refrigerator, a tea-kettle or a microwave oven cannot be missing in any household.

And more and more young families buy also a drying machine and a dishwasher. Equipment mostly for entertainment and relaxing, as a TV set, a video recorder, a computer or a stereo set, has become inseparable part of each household likewise. Neither a house nor a flat does without its furnishings household. Pieces of furniture are possible to make of almost all kinds of material, leading wood, followed by plastic, glass or even metal. The right selection of material depends on owner? s style, taste and on a purpose of made furniture or other complements.

Natural fabrics, leather, fur or its imitations are used for production of sofas, armchairs, rugs, bedspreads or curtains, which are very important parts of every household. To make an establishment even more delightful, people adorn their habitations by different pictures, paintings, flowers or ornaments from their holidays and foreign journeys. But as everything, living in houses and flats has its pros and cons too. While you have more space and privacy in a house, in a flat you don? t have to clean such a big surface.

Though, it is true that walls in a flat are almost as thin as a paper, so your neighbours are able to hear nearly every movement in your flat. A house usually has to be built further from city centre, in a contrary to flat, what can be less advantageous. On the other hand, children living in a house are more likely to have bigger and more salubrious outdoor space with lots of green around them. But what is a big advantage of a flat is its preference thanks to less financial expenses. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices if we want to own our private property.

The biggest problem about getting a real estate though, is the money. In Slovakia it seems impossible for people with an average income to save enough and gain a house of their dreams by spending just their own financial sources. That? s why almost of all them either arrange a building saving or, in most cases, take out a loan from a bank, obtain a mortgage or join together more of these possibilities. However, banks have their own rules to lend money at interest. Not only ask they a confirmation of the height of your income, you need, in some cases, a surety as-well.

In addition, there? s also a large number of financial companies on a market offering saving linked with a possibility of taking a real-estate credit. In order to be independent and live on your own, you have got a second alternative, though. To rent a house or a flat and to pay monthly just a small amount of money, called a rent, is likely more cheaply and the most accessible business. Yet, you would also have to pay to an owner or a landlord, in a case of public housing, a deposit so that all kind of repairs could be done and paid for.

Besides, there’s another chance to get your „home“. An inheritance of a property or money from your dead relatives helps you either to rebuild, renovate or buy completely new house or flat. Current housing policy, here in Slovakia, is unfortunately rather poor. State of housing shortage has been existing here for ages. You don? t , with the biggest probability, get a flat unless you register to a list of persons concerned about getting a real estate and have a luck in a drawing loss. Lastly, let me say little about my idea of a ouse. Although I haven? t had a particular vision of my house from the inside yet, it has to be located in a quiet and good environment and has to have a large garden. I can? t imagine living in a flat, because I would probably feel rather depressed and limited by a small area around main conclusion, I would say that it is only up to us and our taste and lifestyle where and what we will live in. Each of us has different ideas and we just have to cope with them, so that we finally achieve our aspiration for our home.

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