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Ever been bullied or judged someone by how they look, or how fat or skinny they are? What right you and other have to judge someone else. That is considered bullying, you know. Obesity is becoming a big problem in children and teens which is causing suicide rates and bullying rates to go up as well, it is not right bully someone for how they look. Maybe they can’t control how they look, maybe they have a condition that causes them to look the way they do. Bullying is a serious issue in the United States, It goes from many things like saying it behind their backs, shouting names as they walk by, to social media, also called cyber bullying.

When someone is bullied it makes them feel like they aren’t worth anything and cause’s them to think everybody is better off with you dead. In the article “ Bullied Teen: ‘I Had So Much Pain Inside Of Me’” says “It was very upsetting and painful,” she said. “I had no idea that the bullying and torment would last six years and total 22 kids, both boys and girls, harassing Jamie on a daily basis. ” She added, “I didn’t realize how the whole house would be turned upside down because of little kids. I didn’t realize that our health would later become compromised due to the daily abuse and stress. (Flinn, http://riverhead. patch. com/articles/bullied-teen-i-had-so-much-pain-inside-of-me). Bullying is also physical.

When physically bullying someone or being physically bullied, it has such a bigger consequence, outrage, and force behind. “In third grade, this girl told another friend of mine that if she didn’t hurt me, that she would be hurt instead. The girl told me what the bully was doing and we told the teacher and the principal, but nothing was done to reprimand this girl. ” The girl, Jamie said. Bullying someone for not being skinny enough is also a big problem. Obesity is highest in children and teens raising 20 percent higher in the last 20 years. Obese children are being discriminated against by not only fellow peers but adults, such as teachers and supervisors. They are normally called many cruel names. “Lazy, ugly, stupid, and disgusting are just a few of the hurtful epithets familiar to the obese. ”

There is also a lot of bullying because of the color of a persons skin color which is called racial discrimination. What does is matter if they are black or white or tan? What right does anybody else have to say they are better, smarter, prettier, more popular, because they are a different color then you? They do not have that say. In the book Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain shows how blacks were really treated and it was truly unfair calling them a nigger constantly is how it was and is still happening time to this day.

“Good gracious! anybody hurt? “”No’m. Killed a nigger. “”Well, it’s lucky; because sometimes people do get hurt. “ This quote shows how many whites are unable to see blacks as people just like themselves. We know that Aunt Sally isn’t a bad person, but she doesn’t comprehend the possibility that a black person could be equal to her. This offhand remark just shows how hurtful and cruelly apathetic someone can sound just by taking what society dictates for granted.

Also Jim went through numerous accounts of racism he just learned to ignore and keep going on with life no matter what they said. “A nigger like that is worth a thousand dollars,” (Twain, Chapter 42). The truth is that there is no amount of money worth Jim’s life, being black or not. Jim puts up with this though and even goes along with all this racism. Another quote from Huckleberry Finn is, “I fetched meal and bacon and coffee, and coffee-pot and frying-pan, and sugar and tin cups, and the was set back considerable, because he reckoned it was all done with WITCHCRAFT. ”

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