Managerial Economicspsychology Essay Example
Managerial Economicspsychology Essay Example

Managerial Economicspsychology Essay Example

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  • Published: February 3, 2017
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1. From a marketing perspective, what has Guinness done to ensure its longevity?

Beer and stout were very popular in Ireland; however, it became an old pattern for youngsters, slightly over-weighed people and thus not fit for the youths. After looking the demands of youths, Guinness changed the trend of bottle style and quality, which became very much trendy and used at local parties and pubs. Guinness has applied product innovations and brand building to ensure its longevity of product. The canned beer with a perfect head with chilled stout make more delicious for younger adults. As well as Guinness started promoting the brand excessively through advertising in cinema halls, sporting and musical events etc.

2. How would you characterize the Guinness brand?

Guinness is the oldest br


and in the world of beers. Unfortunately, the 241 year old brand fell down due to sudden changes in the younger desires. The sudden crisis of the brand geared-up the centuries old brand in Irish mystique and tradition. Guinness applied the strategies according to the new trend of requirement. However, it also not lost the faith of old customers. We can say it as, the old wine in a new bottle. Guinness has just changed the shape and size of the bottle and chilled the beer to attract the youngsters. Guinness has applied the “Market-driven business policy”; such as, customer concern throughout the business, customer choice with marketing mix, welcomes changes, and innovation implementations’.

3. What could Guinness do to attract younger drinkers? And to retain its older loyal customer base? Can both be done at the same time?

Guinness implemented

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a new innovative product design for the younger drinkers as well as its older loyal customers. In 1989, Guinness developed an ingenious canned stout for the youngsters, which can sold at non-license outlets, shops and supermarkets. In 1997, Guinness launched an extra chilled tap system in Ireland, which was used in pubs and bars. In 1999, Guinness introduced a cooler image on the long-stemmed old pattern bottles, with a clear, shiny plastic wrap, designed to look like a creamy-pint; that offer a fashionable way to younger and older drinkers.

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