Lottery Ticket Essay Example
Lottery Ticket Essay Example

Lottery Ticket Essay Example

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  • Published: July 13, 2016
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In this essay, we will primarily analyze the evolution of Ivan's feelings towards his wife and family as the narrative of "The Lottery Ticket" by Anton Chekhov unfolds, as well as the literary techniques employed by the author to create suspense and captivate readers' interest in the couple's destiny. Anton Chekhov promptly delves into the plot of the short story. Within a concise yet informative introductory paragraph, he provides us with straightforward details about Ivan's social status as a middle-class individual who supports his family with an annual income of twelve hundred. Initially, Ivan appears content with their modest means of subsistence.

After dinner, he takes a break with the newspaper and his wife requests him to verify the Lottery Numbers. He complies, according to Chekhov, be


cause he doesn't have any urgent tasks at hand. This provides insight into his character - he appears somewhat cold and skeptical, displaying little trust in his wife or her odds of winning. Ivan's astonishment is effectively depicted by the author when he discovers that the ticket is among the potential winners. In this section of the short story, the tone shifts from the initial relaxed contentment.

Chekhov increases the pace and interest by hastening the dialog, with Ivan informing his wife abruptly that their ticket is on the list. He begins to think aloud about the possibilities, but his train of thought seems to only involve himself – he does not share his joy and excitement with his wife, instead veering off to contemplate how he will use the money. It is crucial to pay attention to the opening lines of the short stor

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and remember that it is actually his wife's ticket. Ivan's wife does contribute to his daydreaming, but only to approve his choices for spending at first. However, she eventually grasps what is happening in Ivan's mind. The contentment they once shared is transforming into frustration and anger as they realize their differing attitudes.

Ivan is preoccupied with how the people he cares about might hinder him from achieving his desires. He envisions his wife's relatives as insincere individuals who will emerge from the shadows to plead or threaten for money. His wife recognizes his train of thought and also becomes angered by the expression on her husband's face. He now perceives her as a barrier, preventing him from enjoying an extravagant vacation by giving him small increments of money. His anger distorts his perception of her, making her appear older and unattractive.

The conclusion of the story demonstrates how Ivan seeks revenge. Full of resentment and cynicism, Ivan opens the page with the last lottery number selections and excitedly informs his wife that they missed it by one number. Financially, they are not any worse off than before, but their relationship has suffered greatly. Alternatively, it might be a good thing that they discovered their true emotions and motives.

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