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What? Fluoride in water! I though fluoride is where you put in toothpaste to brighten your teeth. That’s what I used to think. After reading and researching of water fluoridation, is a shocker. Water fluoridation is the process of putting appropriate amount of fluoride in water to control tooth decay. Since the 40’s, researcher have claimed that by adding moderate amount of fluoride to the water supply can help toughen the enamel of teeth and preventing tooth decay. By drinking low level of fluoride water throughout each day, can prevent tooth decay for the rest of your life. This method delivers benefit for all people of all ages.

Basically all naturally occurring water sources contain fluoride in them. Drinking water with fluoride can save money on their dental care. Fluoride remineralizes tooth surfaces and prevents cavities because certain food that we eat contains bacteria that produce acids that remove minerals from the tooth. Tooth decay can lead to other form of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, digestive disorders, and respiratory diseases. In other hand, consuming fluoride water can led to many health risks: dementia, dental fluorosis, bone loss, joint pain and may reduce the function of thyroid.

I have read that this controversy over water fluoridation played a significant role in debating whether or not to add fluoride into community drinking water. This controversy has been active for the past couple years. The one that support water fluoridation believe that it is very cost effective, practical and safe means of reducing in the prevention of dental decay. When used appropriately and exposure to small amounts of fluoride each day will reduce the risk of dental caries in all age. That’s when you drink and use the appropriate amounts of it; who’s measuring.

In contrast, those who oppose water fluoridation thinks it can cause tooth decay, damage bones and increase leads for young kids. Water fluoridation has no nutritional value when ingested. They call it a poison and fatal if we drink it too much. This probably led to bottle water. After researching other articles, I have found that fluoride has no other benefit other than preventing a small percentage of tooth decay. Fluoride is good only for topical medicine; it helps by contacting with the teeth, not by drinking it.

I have no knowledge of water fluoridation before so let my mind think that way. Fluorides are used in toothpaste and it will remain in toothpaste for me that it. It’s all boil down to politic. Whichever side gives them the most benefit, money that is, that side will have the right to or not fluoride the waters. I hope bottle of water does not contain fluoride. In that case, bottle up. Great thought, let people decide how much to put in there water by using packets of fluoride. Packets of fluoride twist tube, great idea. Love your thought.

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