Economic and Political Causes for the American Revolution

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greater significant portion of the American Revolution was caused economic factors. The main piece of aggravation to the colonists was the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was protested upon the principle ā€œNo taxation without representationā€. This particular act affected virtually all the colonists and limiting economic success, and thus the colonists protested. An additional factor in the company was the Townshend Act. The British Parliament was illegally taxing.

As a result, the colonists boycotted British goods (Document C). The Tea Act made the colonies economically inferior to that of Englandā€™s. The Tea Act was an act where the colonies merchants were being evaded and the British took over the trading. This hurt the economic success of the colonists, multitudes strengthened in resentment and soon after the Boston Tea Party followed (Document F). The British were furious at the colonial resistance to British law.

In retaliation the Intolerable Act was passed. The Intolerable Act deactivated the Boston Port at Massachusetts Bay. Deactivating the port also deactivated the center of economic success for the colonies (Document H). England was also limiting the colonists to raw material production, which also hindered their economic success. It can be assumed, that the American Revolution was caused more by political factors because the British government wanted to change the way the colonies were ran.

Factors such as deprivation of trial by jury and the right to assemble, grieve, and petition the king (Document E). Another political factor was the coloniesā€™ natural and legal rights were constantly being annexed by the Parliament (Document H). Since the colonies suffered more due to the economic reason, it can be concluded that the American Revolution was caused more by economic reasons than political reasons.

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