Battle of the Cowshed Essay Example
Battle of the Cowshed Essay Example

Battle of the Cowshed Essay Example

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  • Published: November 2, 2016
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“They are coming! ” Snowball shrieked, standing on the fence, observing the men’s every action carefully. “To your places, comrades! ” Snowball hollered. All the animals, prepared to fight the battle and to rid their enemies off their farm’s sacred soil, dashed to their respective places assigned by Snowball much earlier. They had predicted the men would attempt to recapture the farm after the Rebellion. Snowball, having read some books on Julius Caesar’s battling techniques, had prepared the animals for the fight. Jones together with his men armed with weapons barged through the gate of “Animal Farm.

The animals, nowhere in sight, were hiding away, as instructed by Snowball. The humans slashed around the farm, destroying everything in sight, like tornadoes tearing through the place. T


hey repainted the name of the farm to “Manor Farm”. A spark in the animals had been ignited, seeing their enemies trod on their farm. They then seized the opportunity and pecked at the humans’ calves, injuring many of them. The humans were caught off guard by the swarm of animals. Then, Snowball then sent out the first wave of soldiers, consisting of pigeons, geese and ducks.

The animals braved on; ready to defend their farm. The pigeons pelted the humans’ with their dung, clouding their vision. The geese pretended to flee, leading the men to the cowshed. It was all a decoy, an illusion for the humans to think that half their battle had already been won. The humans charged towards the fleeing animals, falling into Snowball’s trap. The humans were hailed with attacks from all sides. Boxer used all his strength sent a flyin

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kick at Mr Jones’ sending him three metres away. Boxer then galloped valiantly to the flagpole where their farm’s flag flew high and free.

In his glee, he accidentally stepped on the gun that had been left beside the flagpole and it accidentally shot Jones in the head, causing him to die instantaneously. Seeing that their leader, Jones was injured caused the men to flee in fear. The animals took their chance and attacked the humans for the last time. Boxer took one last kick and kicked one of the human’s back causing him to fall forward. A sheep used his head to butt another human who is badly injured. The farmer, butted by the sheep, fell over and every animal kicked the poor man.

All the humans then got chased out of the farm, leaving the animals victorious. The animals counted the number of dead. Squealer, Jones and a few sheep had died. After Snowball led the animals to bury their fallen friends by the cowshed, they celebrated Jones’ death. However Boxer, crying, whimpered, “I do not mean to kill anyone, even a wicked human; I could not bare to kill a single soul. ” Snowball consoled Boxer, and bestowed the status and honour of ‘Animal Hero, First Class’ upon him. Snowball held a solemn funeral for their fallen friends. Snowball then named the battle, the “Battle of the cowshed”.

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