Essay About Religion and theology
Essay About Religion and theology

Essay About Religion and theology

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  • Published: October 2, 2021
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The Israelites are commonly identified from the bible as the descendants of Jacob. The story of the Israelites started way before when Abraham was promised countless descendants by God due to his loyalty and obedience to him. His son Isaac then inherited the blessings which he passed to his son Jacob who during his time was called Israel by God after his encounter with an angel during which his hip dislocated. Jacob had 12 sons who formed the twelve tribes of Israel that are, Judah, Reuben, Dan, Levi, Naphtali, Issachar, Asher, Simeon, Joseph, Benjamin, Gad and Zebulun. This was with the exclusion of Joseph whereby his adopted sons, Ephraim and Manasseh became tribal eponyms (Genesis 48).

Later on, we see the Israelites go to Egypt through the sale of Joseph by his brothers to the Egyptians. Joseph was blessed by God and could foresee the future and due to this, his brothers were envies of him. He was Jacob’s favorite son and to counter this, they sold him as a slave and lied to their father that he had been killed by a wild animal. After some years, Joseph through God’s favor rose to the high ranks of Egypt had been in charge of the food in the whole of Egypt.

This all happened after he prophesied of a great drought and in preparation, the Egyptians stored food enough for this period. Back at home the Israelites faced the drought in extreme and had no option but to go to Egypt to seek assistance. It was during this time that they encountered Josep


h. He invited the whole of the tribe to come live in Egypt during the drought period.

It is said during their stay in Egypt, Israelites multiplied and prospered in great lengths and this did not click well with the Egyptians. They saw this as a threat and in retaliation, they started oppressing the Israelites. They viewed the Israelites as inferior hence making them their slaves.

All the labor work was performed by the Israelites and they were placed in poor living conditions. Despite all of this they still continued to accumulate in number and this increased the threat to the Egyptians. They Israelites continued with this for over four hundred years. The bible says that they lost any believe they had in God as they viewed this as a dissertation by Him. Due to their increased birth rate, the then leader to the Egyptians titled Pharaoh sanctioned a killing of all the first male sons of the Israelites as an attempt to stop any continued growth of the Israelites.

It was during this time that a small child by the name Moses was placed in the river by his mom in an attempt to rescue him from the killings. As God’s interventions, Moses was found by Pharaoh’s daughter while going for a bath in River Nile. She decided to take the child back to the palace. Moses’s Sister Miriam was watching all of this and volunteered to be the caretaker to Moses. Moses grew up in the palace as a son to the pharaoh’s daughter. In adopted the Egyptian culture and was

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viewed as an Egyptian.
Being brought up his sister Miriam, Moses in a way found out that he was an Israelite.

He did not like the manner in which his fellow people were being treated by the Egyptians. During one of his tours around the Egyptian kingdom, he noticed a man being wiped by an Egyptian for not working efficiently. Moses was angered with this and picked a fight with the Egyptian and in the process, he killed him.

To cover up, he buried the Egyptian and ran way to escape from any consequence. During his escape, he encountered a girl named Zipporah. He went back with the girl to her father’s home and later on married her. It was during his stay in the foreign land that he encountered God through a burning bush. He was ordered to go to Egypt and save the Israelites from bondage (“God’s Work of Redemption for Israel (Exodus 5:1-6:28) – Bible Commentary – Theology of Work.” N.p).

Moses went back to Egypt though in fear of being recognized from his past mistake. He arrived in Egypt as a savior for the Israelites. He first pleaded with the Pharaoh to release the Israelites. It is said God made the heart of pharaoh hard so as to prove his power and might to the Egyptians and Israelites as well. Moses had to perform miracles in order for Pharaoh to agree to release the Israelites (Exodus 5:1–9).

The first miracle was changing the rod into a snake that swallowed all the other Egyptian witch’s rods. After this, it took ten plagues in Egypt for Pharaoh to agree to let the Israelites leave. The last plague which was the death of all the Egyptian firstborns including Pharaoh’s son was the cause of the release of the Israelites from the Egyptian bondage. This was in togetherness with the Passover festival that was ever since celebrated by the Israelites (Exodus 12:21-40).

The Israelites left Egypt ending to the Promised Land known as Canaan. They followed Moses blindly as they did not know the place they were ending to. The Egyptians did not fully accept the departure of the Israelites and therefore decided to follow them. A thousand Egyptian soldiers were sent after them. To make the matter worse, the Israelites arrived at the Red sea and had nowhere to run to.

All that was left was to cry to Moses and blame him for bringing them to their death. Moses was spoken to by God and told to strike the water with his rod making the sea split into two causing a way for the Israelites. The Israelites passed and the water closed again on the Egyptians who were trying to cross to. This proved to be another miracle that showed the Israelites that they were dealing with a mighty God (Exodus 14:5–31).

They proceeded with their journey to Canaan under the guide of Moses who relied on the white cloud in the daytime and a fire in the night. The Israelites walked in the wilderness for forty years. They faced some hardships but God was there for them. The bible says that they were provided

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