A Memorable Driving Experience Essay Example
A Memorable Driving Experience Essay Example

A Memorable Driving Experience Essay Example

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  • Published: December 22, 2017
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Ever since I was young I told myself, I would never drink and drive. I've read stories and poems on the consequences of this stupid act, and throughout my 11 years in school have been told by teachers, and public speakers how horrible it is. I completely agreed. I thought "how could anyone be so intoxicated to make such a deadly choice? " Going out and partying is a big part of your final years in high school and about a month ago I was looking forward to doing this on one such Friday night.

My friend Gracie and I were getting ready at my house and were nervous as to what would come of the night. At about 7:30pm we walked into Sooke, and saw a group of these guys we knew. They were drinking and so w


ere we, and after about an hour we all decided to go to the skate park and hang out. So me, Gracie and these guys drove to the skate park and hung out there for another couple hours. We weren't causing any harm, just drinking, talking, watching the skaters do their tricks, meeting new people and having a good time.

As the hours past some of us grew bored and decided to drive around. I got a little excited because I just recently got my Learners license, and I really wanted to drive my friends car. I lied and told my friend, who was more drunk than I was, that I had my New drivers license, which meant I could drive without an adult who had there full license in the car. He hesitated, but let me drive hi

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and our other buddies around in his Ford Maverick. I was so excited that I didn't listen to my conscience, which was telling me it wasn't a good idea for me to be driving at all.

I loved that car though. It had so much power, compared to any other car I drove, so I just wanted to keep accelerating. My heart was racing, and I had a huge smile across my face. The fact that I was in my own little world prevented me from realizing my friends were a little nervous about my speed, and lack of driving skills. I'm sure they told me to slow down more then once, but it wasn't until I heard Gracie's distinct scream when I stopped, but by then it was too late. Why didn't I see that stop sign? I saw all the other ones, and slowed down.

But I should've known to stop, although I should've known not to drive at all. I saw the lights out of the corner of my eye, and thought with my speed I'd clearly make it across the road in time. I was wrong. I kept my eyes on the road ahead, but they suddenly closed when my left back corner was hit and we flew counter-clockwise and then all of a sudden backwards. The car had been spun around with the back tires landing in a deep ditch turning the car into a vertical position, or so that's what I was told. The next time I opened my eyes I was in the back of an ambulance with Gracie, who was leaning over me.

I remember the first thing she said

was "Everyone's ok. " It hadn't even gone through my mind yet what kind of danger I put my friends in, and I don't think they did either. I consider myself incredibly lucky, considering what happened. And that this is the most valuable lesson I've learned. I know that I will most defiantly never drink and drive again, and going driving at all makes me nervous. I've heard some pretty horrific drunk driving stories, but when your that driver, and you have to live with the guilt of what you've done, or what might have happened, its 10 times more horrible.

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