Comparison two main theories of forgetting Essay Example
Comparison two main theories of forgetting Essay Example

Comparison two main theories of forgetting Essay Example

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  • Published: March 31, 2022
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The issue of forgetting can be defined as the inability of a given person to retrieve date or information from the given back of his memory. This does not simply mean that the information or the data stored in the person’s memory is lost forever but only that the given person cannot remember or retrieve the given information at that given time. This is the reason as to why it is referred to as just forgetting. Therefore, in this paper it will be the comparison of various theories that are attached to the issue of forgetting in a given person (Anderson, 2000).

One of the theories in this discipline is the retrieval failure given theory in which it is the failing of an individual to retrieve or find the given data or information because the person has insufficient clues to the item. T


his is the context in which the given person is incapable of utilizing the internal and the external cues to finally find previously stored data in his mind. This can be shown through the issue of the tip-of-the-tongue perspective and it is applicable in many situations (Anderson, 2000).

Consequently, there is the interference theory in which it refers to the given sensation in that one memory is interfering with retrieval of information from the other given memory. This kind of interference happens when one of the memories is making a step in blocking the other component in making progress and retrieving the needed information and this is the one widely referred to the issue of interference of information across the forgetting theory. Therefore, as shown above the two theories are different in the manner i

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which they act (Anderson, 2000). However, the theories are similar in the manner of decoding information within a certain period of time.


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