Environmental Issues Resulting from Coal Miners Essay Example
Environmental Issues Resulting from Coal Miners Essay Example

Environmental Issues Resulting from Coal Miners Essay Example

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  • Published: January 26, 2022
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Coal mining is the process of extracting coal ores from underground using excavators.

Miners encounter various dangers that can endanger their lives, and the mining process can harm the environment. If proper rehabilitation is not carried out, the condition of the land will deteriorate, making it unsuitable for agriculture and other economic activities. The impact of wind and water also contributes to the decrease in land value (Zhengfu 218). This essay examines different facets of the mining industry, specifically emphasizing safety concerns for miners.

The employment rate in energy industries has recently increased, leading to a higher number of workers. However, many of these new employees lack technological skills and are hired on a temporary basis. These workers face hazardous conditions underground, endangering their lives due to the immense pressure from above. In situations like earthquakes o


r when the overlying layer weakens, miners often suffer fatal consequences. Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in mining-related deaths, which can be attributed to aggressive actions by investors (Braithwaite 167). Unfortunately, some individuals opt out of joining the United Mine group for safety assurance purposes. Consequently, progress and follow-up on safety measures have been impeded.

Member under the group voice their view concerning the mining activities and oppose exploitation in unsafe areas. Underground mining is a particularly dangerous endeavor. The miners' union needs to be revived in order to establish new regulations and laws pertaining to their safety. Inspectors must assess the level of risk at each mining site and provide accurate information to the miners. If the miners choose to proceed with the extraction, any harm or loss of life should be attributed to the

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mining company, which should provide appropriate compensation (Sauter 45).

In this text, the author advocates for government intervention to safeguard miners' rights and prevent occupational discrimination. However, they stress the significance of employers giving priority to employee safety. The evidence indicates that employers frequently prioritize maximizing production, even if it means facing potential labor shortages in the future (Sauter 40). Sadly, this results in miners working in hazardous conditions where safety measures are not valued, thereby constantly endangering their lives and wellbeing. Unfortunately, rather than advocating for workplace safety precautions, the article promotes exploiting workers during their healthy state.

The author of the article expresses support for mining exploitation despite acknowledging that safety is a persistent issue in the industry. The cost of ensuring safety is deemed too high, rendering it an unattainable goal. This lack of effort in implementing safety measures at mines is evident, as highlighted by Sauter (50). Furthermore, the article discusses the economic factor of unemployment, which drives individuals to work in hazardous environments like mines where fatal accidents occur frequently.

The author's credibility is questioned for supporting economic factors that push people to take dangerous jobs. The article highlights the author's focus on economics by pointing out the inadequate location for electricity and natural gas. However, the author tries to draw attention to environmental pollution by discussing coal pollution. The only solution proposed to address environmental concerns is shutting down the facility because it cannot operate in an environmentally friendly way. By complaining about the cost of achieving a clean environment, the writer is categorized as an economist rather than an environmentalist (Sauter 43).

The author attempts to address the problem of

greenhouse gases by proposing the use of more harmful substances. They only mention a few small mines that have environmental concerns, ignoring the fact that this is a global issue. In conclusion, human safety is a significant concern in all mining industries. Many mines are still far from meeting the necessary environmental standards that ensure the well-being and safety of individuals, presumably due to economic factors.

The health of individuals should be the central focus when establishing any industry in our society today.

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