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El Salvador is located in the South – west coast of Central America Isthmas1 on the Pacific Ocean. It is the only country in the area lacking a coastline on the Caribbean sea. El Salvador is slightly smaller than Massachusetts. El Salvadors climate is tropical; rainy season (May to October); Dry season (November to April). El Salvadors terrain is made up mostly of mountains with narrow coastal belt2 and central plateau3. POPULATION: 6,237,662 as of July 2001 (48% below poverty line) RELIGION: Roman Catholic, Some Protestant LANGUAGE: Spanish GORVERNMENT: Republican CAPITAL: San Salvador INDUSTRIES: Food processing, Beverages, Petroleum, Chemicals, Fertilizer, Textiles, Furniture, Light metals EXPORTS: Coffee, Sugar, Shrimp, Textiles, and Chemicals IMPORTS: Raw Materials, Consumer goods, Capital goods, Fuel, Foodstuff, Petroleum, CURRENCY: Salvadoran colon; US dollar COMMUNICATIONS: Telephones; Cellular Telephones; Radio, Television; Internet TRANSPORTATION: Railways; Highways; Waterways; Ports and Harbors;

Airport MILITARY: Army; Navy; Air Force IMPORTANT CITIES: Santa Ana, 451,620 people Ahuachapan, 260,563 people San Miguel, 380,442 Usulutan, 317,079 people VALCANOES: 25 extinct volcanoes (last eruption occurred in 1917) El Salvador has a Republican government. The President is elected every five years, but cannot be re-elected. The sun shines in El Salvador 360 days a year, and

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the average temperature is around 800. This spring like climate is one of the attractions that appeal to all. It is ideal for enjoying open-air activities such as tennis, golf, water skiing, surfing, fishing, or swimming. There are also many water falls, cascades, ponds, rivers, and bluff. Flag of El Salvador 1 a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas 2a large plot of land along the ocean 3land at a higher elevation

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