EKG Certification Exam study guide!!

Occurs when a patient has a very low potassium level
U wave

What complex occurs when th ventricles contract?
QRS complex

the heart has ___ valves?

The two semilunar valves are?
pulmonic and aortic valves

Blood returning from the body to the hear enters the?
right atrium

The _____ vena cava gets it’s blood from the head neck and upper extremities

The _____ is the innermost layer of the heart

_____ ______ ________ is a Condition when the heart cannot meet the demands of the body.
Congestive heart failure

the two entrance valves of the heart.
tricuspid and bicuspid valves

______ is the fibrous outer fluid filled layer that covers the heartand separates it from the contents in the chest cavity.

The EKG records the electrical impulses called.
cardiac cycle

contraction of the atrium on ekg

contraction of the ventricles on EKG
QRS complex

relaxation of the ventricles on EKG
T wave

the right and left atria are know as the
receiving chambers

the blood on its way from the left atrium to the left ventricle it goes thro what valve?
mitral valve

the only way to oxygenate the blood id through the ____ and _____ in the lungs
alveoli and capillaries

the heart is separeted by the _____

the speed of the EKG is normally run is?
25 sec

The color of the ground lead is?

What is the approximate diameter of the coronary arteries?
1/8 inch

Another name for the bicuspid valve?
mitral valve

What is the purpose of the gel on the electrode?
conducts electricity

the coronary arteries give nurishment to the ____.

The heart is about the size of your____

The heart functions as a ____ to pump blood to all the bodys cells.

If the blood slupply to the myocardium stops the area that doesn’t receive a blood supply ____.

What is the thickest layer of the heart?

The ____ _____ ___ brings blood from below the diaphragm
inferior vena cava

_______ is the only vein that carries high oxygen blood
pulmonary vein

the term for “rapid heart beat” is

left and right coronary arteries supply blood to the hear, flow is considered insuffcient if it cannot meet the needs of the heart.
Coronary insufficiency

The purpose of the _______ is to initate the heart beat and regulate the cardiac cycle
conduction system

______ heart beats are generated from an impulse orginating some other place than the SA node

SA node is located on the upper wall of the _______
right atrium

______ fuctions is to generate the stimulus to make the heart beat.
SA node

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