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Starting a Business & (Career Planning from Personal Financial Planning)

question Sam is planning to start a pool cleaning company from his home. He has decided on a radius of 30 miles from his home as a region of operation. After surveying the region of operation, he found that 43% of the homes in the region have a swimming pool. If there are 36,248 homes […]

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ECO 210 Ch.8 ; 9

question Unemployment rates for skilled workers compared to unemployment rates for unskilled workers are: Question 1 options: A) Lower, because skilled workers tend to be employed in less cyclically vulnerable industries, such as the services and nondurable goods industries B) Higher, because skilled workers tend to be employed in more cyclically vulnerable industries, such as […]

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Boone ; Kurtz Contemporary Business 15th Edition Chap 5-6

question Small Business answer independent business with fewer than 500 employees, not domain in it is market. question Home-based Business answer firms operated from the residence of the business owner question Business Plan answer written document that provides an orderly statement of a company’s goals, methods, and standards. question Small Business Administration (SBA) answer principal […]

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Flashcards About Wellness Final

question dietary wellness answer The seven dimensions of wellness include all of the following EXCEPT: -emotional wellness. -environmental, or planetary, wellness. -spiritual wellness. -dietary wellness. question intellectual wellness answer A capacity to think critically is an example of: emotional wellness. intellectual wellness. interpersonal and social wellness. spiritual wellness. question possession of a set of beliefs […]

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Unit 4, Lesson 1: Types of Business Arrangements

question Sole proprietorship/Proprietorship answer A type of business that has no legal separate existence from its owner. question Partnership answer In which partners share with each other the profits and losses of the business; Two or more people enter a business arrangement in which they share the profits and the losses of the business. question […]

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TNE 255 Network Servers Chapter 4

question Select the PowerShell cmdlet below that can be used to create a new volume.? answer New-Partition question hich of the following statements is true regarding the page file? answer ?The page file should be on its own volume question A simple space storage layout is similar to which non-fault tolerant RAID technology?? answer RAID0 […]

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Test 11

question An example of blue chip stock might be answer a large, well-known company traded on the NYSE. question Investing in a mutual fund is a higher risk than investing in a certificate of deposit because unlike CDs, mutual funds answer are not insured by the FDIC. question Savings bonds differ from most other bonds […]

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Strategic Management Exam 3 Practice

question Which of the following statements is true of the growth stage in the industry life cycle? A. The objective of firms during this stage is to pursue a harvest strategy. B. The prices begin to fall during this stage when compared to the introduction stage. C. The type of buyers during this stage consists […]

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Small Business Chapters 9-

question For manufacturers, which of the following is a top priority in location decisions? answer Closeness to raw materials question A good reason for relocating a typical manufacturing business is to answer Get closer to raw materials question Using special-purpose equipment in the manufacturing process typically results in answer greater output per machine-hour of operation. […]

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Revenue Management Quiz 1

question Revenue answer The amount of sales achieved in a specific time period. Calculated as Numbers of Units sold X unit price question Profit answer The net value achieved by a seller and a buyer in a business transaction question Barter System answer A trading system in which goods and services are exchanged without the […]

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Project Management Test 1

question A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. answer True question A project is a lasting endeavor undertaken ot maintain a reliable product or service. answer False question Most projects are conducted with constraints on the amount of time and funding available to the project manager. answer […]

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POS2041 CH 11-15 review

question pluralism answer the theory that all interests are and should be free to compete for influence in the government; the outcome of this competition is compromise and moderation question interest group answer individuals who organize to influence the government’s programs and policies question citizen groups answer groups that claim they serve the general good […]

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question A company’s supply chain involves the flow of materials and information from suppliers, through production, to the end users. answer TRUE Flow of materials and information are the central focus of supply chain management. question In supply chain organizations, functions must operate independently of each other. answer FALSE Functions should be integrated. question In […]

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NT2580 Chapter 15

question An addressable implementation specification under HIPAA must be used if it’s ________. answer Reason and appropriate question What elements must a written GLBA information security program include? answer All of the Above question What types of companies must follow all Sarbanes-Oxley Act provisions? answer Public question CIPA requires a library to be able to […]

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MKTG chp 17

question Retailing answer is defined as the set of business activities that add value to products and services sold to consumers for their personal or family use question multichannel strategy answer which involves selling in more than one channel question intensive distribution answer strategy is designed to place products in as many outlets as possible […]

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MIS Exam 1 Ch 4

question 1) Which of the following statements about managing data is true? A) Reconciling inconsistent data can require a significant amount of time and money. B) Potential costs incurred by organizations for data loss are minimal. C) Today’s tools eliminate the need for data management positions. D) There are no consequences associated with noncompliance of […]

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mini test 6 – Flashcards with Answers
22 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question According to your instructor, a brand can be thought of as a promise you make to your customers. In order for the brand to be successful, the promise must be _____________? answer Kept. question Warranties can be either expressed or implied. An expressed warranty means that? answer The company has provided a written statement […]

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mgt 3320 practice test 1

question One of the first factors that increased the importance of human resource management was the _________ ________ _________ Act answer 1964 Civil Rights question The human resource function in organizations today: has grown into the role of _______________ _____________ answer strategic partner question A large computer chip manufacturer has just hired another firm to […]

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MGMT425 8

question E) All of these. answer The task of crafting corporate strategy for a diversified company encompasses A) picking the new industries to enter and deciding on the means of entry. B) initiating actions to boost the combined performance of the businesses the firm has entered. C) pursuing opportunities to leverage cross-business value chain relationships […]

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MCAT – Psych/Soc – Self-Presentation and interacting with Others

question Self-presentation answer process of displaying oneself to society through culturally accepted behaviors question basic model of emotional expression answer universal emotions, along with corresponding facial expressions can be understood across cultures question appraisal model of emotional expression answer cognitive antecedent to biologically determined expressions of emotion question social construction model answer emotions are solely […]

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MANG 291 (Chapter 5 Quiz)

question Which of the following is typically included in the planning stage of writing an effective business message? answer generating the best ideas to address a business issue (In order to create an effective business message, during the planning stage you should understand the needs of the audience, generate the best of ideas to address […]

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management 455 chapter 8

question In terms of strategy making, what is the difference between a one-business company and a diversified company? A. The first uses a business-level strategy, while the second uses a set of business strategies and a corporate strategy. B. The first uses a business-level strategy, while the second uses a corporate-wide strategy. C. The first […]

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