Eggplant to floor wax introduction Essay Example
Eggplant to floor wax introduction Essay Example

Eggplant to floor wax introduction Essay Example

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One of the many jobs of any place or substructure is maintaining the sheen and the cleanliness of the floor and lone thing that make this possible is the merchandise called Floor wax it is applied on floor surfaces to do it scuff-resistant. water-repellent. faux pas immune and calendered. It provides a thin. protective and difficult surface bed when applied to shocking.

In this modern age. floor glosss is made from man-made stuffs and with the promotion of synthetics so does floor wax. each passing twenty-four hours over half a million people are utilizing floor wax even as we speak person is utilizing it! But of all the utile traits that floor wax gives us at our floors there are ever disadvantages to it and the first disadvantage is our environment. since floor wax is made out of extremely man-made stuffs


its is non-biodegradable.

The 2nd is that floor wax contains toxic substances that can either cause terrible harm to worlds and carnal life if came in contact. Third is prolong exposure of its unpleasant odor can do different jobs throughout the organic structure. Fourth is that it can do harm to the workss since floor wax contains volatile substances that can barricade workss from making photosynthesis Despite the recent attempts by assorted organisations attempts to educate the populace about the toxic dangers of floor wax no 1 seems to believe them due to the effectivity of the modern floor wax but still its harming our environment.

Our research aims to set these jobs off through the usage of eggplant foliages. by the usage of eggplant foliages we can extinguish the jobs of toxic stuffs exposing human and

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workss and doing the floor wax safe to dispose at the environment because it can degrade over clip plus doing it 2 times more cheaper and the most of import portion is we can retain consequences. texture and lustre of a commercially produced floor wax.

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