Educational Services Company for Writing Essay Example
Educational Services Company for Writing Essay Example

Educational Services Company for Writing Essay Example

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  • Published: December 10, 2021
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Technological advancement has transformed the world into a global village. It has improved information technology, innovations and communication making them affordable and efficient to every corner of the World (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014). As a Principal Information Officer of a Start-up education service company, I will detail a submission engine plan that will ease the congestion and controversies experienced by the system due to an increase in the number of users. The goal of the organization is to offer IT instructors globally with a better and efficient platform for them to contribute.

Initially, the company was depending on email submission which has been considered as old fashioned in the current times. Therefore, the recommended submission engine for virtual contributors is cloud computing. Cloud Computing provides a single platform that both the


company CEO (and administrators and support) to manage the uploaded files quickly and at the same time offer contributors a platform to engage and upload their files in a secure, effective and efficient way (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014). Variously, it will provide a bigger cloud space for storing and evaluating documents with minimal security risks and higher retrieval time.

Submission Engine Plan. Cloud computing is hosted by the Internet that makes it easy for users to access cloud resources anywhere in the world. It comes with both a private and public cloud intranet that makes it easy for all people to access. The public cloud provides a login space for contributors from different regions to upload their files. It comes integrated with social media platforms, data organization tools, backups and security checks. Basically, the public cloud supports multipl

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clients who are expected to upload the files.

It is accessed over the internet, through a shared infrastructure with the private cloud at the main premises. Also, it may be hosted at the main provider’s location, or through the Google online platform (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014). Accept data/files from multiple sources (e.g., Internet, Twitter) In the given scenario, one of the requirements is to accept the data from social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus. Google cloud for Business is the best technology to fulfill this requirement. The Esubmission server can be configured on the Google cloud for Business through which every user from Seattle, Sao Paulo, Taipei, and other partner site can synchronize his/her social media profile with his or her contributor’s dashboard for easy information delivery on secure link.

This can helps contributors to share user data more easily and efficiently. Nearly every individual in the world owns a phone and/or computer. Therefore, it would be more convenient for them to upload/download these data from their social media platforms/internet to company’s cloud server. With this, the system should adopt both a desktop and mobile website design that ease contribution. Also, resource pooling is a feature that comes along with cloud computing technology that helps the current company to access different information from the database, Application or webserver on consumer demand and requirement.

Furthermore, Google cloud for business provides sufficient bandwidth for people to submit ideas at all times which will the company (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014).

Organize data

Data is organized according to date for easy accessibility and management. Variously, the company can efficiently manage and arrange the uploaded document

either in size or date of submission, this makes access and retrieval time easy. In so doing, it helps the company in saving man hours in the company (Spann, 2014). This can also be embedded in an application to highlight information based on country of origin.

This feature is critical as it allows easy access to information depending on market need.

Make Data Presentable for the editing team

The submission button is embedded with a contributor’s dashboard that makes it easy for contributors to upload as many files as possible, anytime anyplace as long as his or her contribution is approved by the company (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014). Also, the submission button may be linked with grammar and plagiarism checker tools that make sure that no uploaded information interferes with copyright laws. The checker tools also make editing, and data presentation easy as the information can be accessed from one main database (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014).

Store the Data Securely

Furthermore, cloud computing bars spammers away as it provides high security of information submitted over the cloud. It comes along with antiviruses, anti-spammers and also provides better security information of contributors.

Also, it makes it easy for the company to access information only from the countries or regions they want (Spann, 2014).

Backup, and Restore Data

In so doing, it helps in reducing the amount of unsolicited data received from unknown regions. Also, the security detail of the database ensures that no data is lost regardless of breakdown or meltdown. It offers backlogs and data backup making its recovery easy in case of system breakdown (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014).

Lastly, the plan makes it

possible for company administrators to view Network maps and the number of computers or mobile devices connected at a given time. In so doing, the company can easily communicate with the contributors in a more secure and manner. More importantly, the cloud system may be supplemented by language application that ensures smooth translation of English language to different country language based on location. It ensures that language biases are sorted (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014).

Network Map

The Network Map makes the big data collection sufficient and at the same time reduce the distance between the company and the clients (contributors). It ensures data security, performance, and integration of software-as-a-service to analyze and evaluate any uploaded information (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014). The submission engine will reside in the main office, hosted by Google and supported by the Google database. All data will be protected using VPN and firewalls to prevent phishing.

Simplified Network map

The company should provide an open, resilient, secure and scalable network for their database. They can achieve this by having a multiple-layered network design that provides flexibility between different levels of contributor and information transmission. For example, the web interface must be crafted to accept both desktop and mobile platforms. Secondly, it must be integrated with Acceleration application such as WAN acceleration that ensures easy transmission and also controls the security service of the company’s network (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014). Networking maps divide the administrators’ platform and the contributor’s submission dashboard. In so doing, it ensures the security detail and virtualization of the whole company cloud infrastructure are maintained.

Also, the encryption and safety hosted by the network ensure that every

kind of traffic and data from the required countries is received, scanned through the network and directed into the database (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014).


Our company is a multi-national company with notable partners from Sao Paulo, Taiwan, Brazil, and Taipei. It, therefore, means that submission from these regions may be based on local languages. To achieve a balance in language, we need to perform internationalization and localization of the cloud using language software plugins. The company has a possibility of expanding in future. Therefore, we need to perform a one-time internationalization of the website through the adoption of multilingual software.

This ensures that language changes automatically based on language and region. But, at the moment, we may adopt localization plug-ins from Wordpress that has locale-specific language components for our primary contributor locations (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014). Integration and automatization of the multilingual software with common language button presented on the website will ensure easy navigation of users’ language as they wish.

Concerns about Bias

Basically, cloud computing has specific technologies that are based on website design, report design and screen design that help in reducing bias. First, the company is dealing with contributors from a different lingual background. Initially, language biases were experienced by contributors whose English is not their first language.

But Cloud computing through the adoption of international and localization plug-ins has neutralized the bias ensuring that individuals upload the work in a language they are comfortable with. This is because the cloud comes with translation encryption that enables the CEO and Administrators to receive the information in required language (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014). Also, integration of all social platforms

makes it easy for contributors to post information from their platform of choice. Also, cloud computing comes along with simple web designs that make it easy for users to access the website either from mobile of desktop devices.

By doing this, it ensures that the accessibility bias is neutralized in the simplest way possible. This technology ensures that the professionals in the United States can access the translated documents into Standard English therefore bridging the language barrier (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014).

Issues Affecting Users

Users are mostly affected by bandwidth and lag time issues as the action may take long or take place at a lower rate. The problems make users of cloud computing take a lot of time to retrieve data and as a result, make their operations, not to the required standards. Basically, server lag issues may be solved by caching, deduplication and compression. The website should adopt a Voice over IP technology that helps speed up data transmission between the network (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014).

For instance, when the data is compressed it requires a less storage disk space and also easy the process of transmission. Duplication will detect deduplication on streams of bytes that can be done without carrying out storage simply on the fly. This method will make sure the streams of bytes are not repeated, but single copy replaces redundant copies of chunk (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014). Caching also reduces data by maintaining the stored version meaning that if data is requested for the second time, the copy is returned because it is usually in the cache and the need to transmit the object to the remote

site from the central site is eliminated. It also reduces the number of calculations that are required to speed up a site and render a web page hence improving the speed.

Therefore, the VoIP or the WAN 2.0 technology increases the speed through which a contributor transmits the information. Hence, any time a contributor upload the file, server lag issues will be minimized through application of these methods (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014).


Cloud computing allows information to be stored in a pool that allows users and employees of the organization to access it regardless of their geographical position. As the CIO, I will encourage the employees to contribute as much as possible to make sure that reliable information is provided for the users. To make sure that information can be retrieved easily, cloud computing data is arranged in an organized manner that users can access it easily (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014).

Data stored in the cloud enables employees to work online without even going to the workstation. This will discourage time wastage as information is arranged in order regarding time, users and the type of information. The information for the manager is not mixed with employee’s information to enable managers to retrieve the information easily whenever it is needed. This will encourage proper decision making by top managers in implementing the company’s activities to achieve the set objectives. Information in the cloud is arranged according to the time it was stored as recent information appears on the top. In some other cases, it can also be organized in alphabetical order (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014).

Users can also be sent

the information that concerns them, and they are notified when done. Search tools also help access information quickly. All you need is just feed the information you want to the search button, and the feedback will automatically be brought (Archibugi & Michie, 2011). The world is a place of competition and the faster you move; the better place you are considering the fact that time waits for no one. The first step in data organization is to create a personal data structure, then create a user group structure and add the users to the groups (Lakshmi, 2013).

Access permissions are then applied to the file structure where once shared; permission is assigned to the shared folder which determines who should access the data. In data organizing, a system should be established that enables one to access files, ensure that all the data, personal information and information can be backed up and to avoid duplication (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014).

Effective Communication

Cloud computing is the most comprehensive source of conveying, digital sorting and process automation. The technologies provided by the cloud computing are advanced to provide efficiencies and profits from customers through complete solutions and innovations. Cloud computing is one of the leading technologies in globalization (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014). API integration in the cloud computing may assist the central business center to publish live meeting with offices outside the country.

Also, application of chat rooms and forums will help in easing fast and effective transmission of information from office to another. Variously, they may hold virtual meeting through use of video conferencing with Skype tools and plugins that enable formal meeting with partners

in outside offices (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014). Partners located in Brazil and Taiwan can use the technologies for effective communication to each other and the corporate office. Effective communication helps deepen connections to other people and also helps improve teamwork. Variously, social plugins such as Facebook video conferencing, Gmail video rooms would also act as backup in case software and Skype connection fails (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014). Also, internet calls may help in reaching people in remote areas where the natural network may be facing challenges.

For example, devices like mobile phones, tabs and computers can be used for making these internet-based calls. Effective communication also encompasses how data will be received from different sources and feedbacks send. The technological innovations have made communication easier and effective since almost every information is computerized (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014). Therefore, these technologies will enable easy and instant communication (messaging, video calls or even internet calls) between the main offices with field offices in other regions.

Technology Trends

Basically, the company should be dependent on technologies that organize and make information easily accessible to both the employees and users. For example, they can integrate social Bookmarking and Optimization tools that make sure that the contributors are held in one forum for easy communication and access to discussion topics and ideas. The social bookmarking is integrated with each user’s forum (interface) that enables easy communication between the contributors (Spann, 2014). Also, they can adopt Group and Task managing tools which include Response, Email holder list, topic signals and contributor blackboard Calender that enable easy access to information based on subject, size or date

of submission.

In so doing information is organized in a professional manner and accessibility onetime. The blackboard calendar will be integrated with the upload button which enables easy organization of files according to date and time of upload and update (Mirande & Henchoz, 2014). Variously, they may use mind mapping and Electronic Portfolio to hold and evaluate a contributor’s education and experience before processing his or her file. In so doing, employees can know the contributors level of contribution required for different education level.

For employees, it will be easy to manage and access contributor’s information such as location, phone number and a number of files uploaded in a simple and efficient manner (In Liu, In Sung & In Wenli, 2014).


As the number of contributors increase in the company, adopting cloud computing will be a suitable way to accommodate the growing number of users. The company will be able to get feedback from customers and make an improvement on their services to meet the requirements of their client’s thus encouraging customer satisfaction. The company will effectively utilize technology effectively to suit the dynamic environment for the accomplishment of its goals and mission.


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