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E-commerce In China Abstract E-commerce, namely electronic commerce, refers to an industry where people can conduct business through electronic systems. It uses the Internet as the main mode to provide service. The development of E-commerce Is greatly concerned by people. The environment of E-commerce in China keeps improving. At the same time, more and more consumers accept online shopping.

At present, China’s BBC E-commerce market is booming, the fierce competition between major online trading platforms activates the rapid development and Increasingly sophisticated e-commerce market. However, according to Its development status, there still exists some problems for the development of e-commerce in China. Some BBC e-commerce platforms also faced severe challenges in recent years. This paper analyzes the current plight of e- commerce development in China and provides some new Ideas to address these problems. Then, It makes some suggestions to the prospects of e-commerce development in China.

Key words: E-commerce problems solutions development prospects In the 21st century, the world has entered a new economy era, the development of Information and Internet technology create a world where all the products and arrives can be traded in everywhere instantly. All the government departments, public service agencies, telecommunications companies, banks and other financial services Institutions all types of businesses and hundreds of millions of Individual users have Invested and participated In e-commerce activities. E-commerce has become an irresistible trend in the world.

E-commerce between businesses and consumers greatly shorten time and space for both of them and improve the efficiency of transactions to save unnecessary expenses. According to the China Internet Network Information Center (CONIC) statistics, the sale volume of e- amerce industry in China’s mainland up to 1200 billion Yuan in 2012. Behind the huge number, there still are many barriers for the development of e-commerce in China. 1 . Problems exist in the development of e-commerce Although the entire environment of e-commerce is improving, some leading e- commerce companies have had to face life and death decisions.

Reasons for this situation Include some peculiar reasons affecting the development of e-commerce. Reasons relevant to such as market development, the Internet environment and conditions, credit system improvement, logistics and distribution. If these bottlenecks 1 OFF commerce development. . 1. Market problem Firstly, China’s market system is not standardized. Fake and shoddy goods often appear in the market. Due to lack necessary self-discipline and strict social supervision, the interests of consumers are largely unprotected. Secondly, the E- commerce market in China is also a regional market.

At present, e-commerce is only regionally concentrated in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guanos. The regional difference is another major obstacle for e-commerce in China. Most of the population in China scatters in remote rural areas, however, infrastructures in these areas need to be improved to support online shopping. Thirdly, e-commerce faces the problem of consuming habit. Over the years, consumers have been accustomed to Judge and select products through watching, smelling and touching. For online shopping, only one measure: Watch.

In addition, the consumers’ attitudes for online shopping are quite different according to different people. Some people think that, Internet shopping is a positive activity, while there are a considerable number of people have little interest in online shopping. They think online shopping will make them far from the pleasure of shopping and playing outside. 1. 2. The Internet environment and conditions problem Firstly, no existing global technical standard for e-commerce is another issue. For the global e-commerce, the international online trade cannot develop without internationally accepted standards.

In the long term, technical standards for e- commerce is extremely important. It can not only do good to network connectivity, but also benefit to promote fair competition between enterprises. Secondly, technology and infrastructures are not strong enough. To achieve really instant online transactions, people require network have a very fast response speed and high bandwidth, which should be provided by the hardware support for high-speed outwork. However, most of the network speeds are lower than the actual requirements. Nowadays China’s network infrastructure is still not enough and communication service quality is low.

Such situation has been plagued by all network users. 1. 3. Security problem in e-commerce Firstly, the security problem relevant to network. The network information system is frequently invaded by hackers. They brought tremendous economic losses to e- commerce. Secondly, in terms of the problems related to the security of online transaction, I suggest to pay more attention to the customers’ information leakage. Before obtaining the data holder’s consent, people’s private information sometimes is always used for other purposes by the websites.

There are also many cases about consumers’ information leakage by shopping online in US. Thirdly, e-commerce is also faced with the challenge of payment security. How to protect the security of e- commerce transactions and avoiding transaction risk is the main problem faced by e- commerce. It also affects consumer’s decision about whether to shop online or not. Electronic money used for electronic payments exists the problems of forgery, interfering and copying, which brings great economic losses to both buyers and sellers. 2.

Solutions for improvement For these barriers mentioned above, e-commerce companies are constantly engaged in trying, through a variety of techniques, propaganda and other measures, to strengthen e-commerce’s healthy development. 2. 1 . In order to solve the market problem, I recommend the cooperation between government and private companies. Related to market discipline, the government should exert its role in discipline and supervision. They should take the responsibility to establish relevant regulations and supervision mechanism.

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