E-Commerce Business Report Essay Example
E-Commerce Business Report Essay Example

E-Commerce Business Report Essay Example

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  • Published: December 29, 2017
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The economic report of Hong Kong in the first quarter of 2013 reveals that the domestic sector remained strong. Private consumption expenditure (PACE) grew by 7.0% in real terms compared to the previous year, supported by positive job conditions and improved incomes. As a result, book or e-book sales are expected to increase, falling into the non-durables category.

Hong Kong's local culture is a unique combination of Chinese and Western influences. Despite their fast-paced lives, locals make an effort to relax on weekends. Residents of Hong Kong are among some of the happiest individuals in large cities worldwide due to the wide range of entertainment venues and scenic spots available for leisure activities.

In general, people in Hong Kong have a fast pace of life - they move quickly, eat quickly, speak quickly, and live quickly. Time is considered v


aluable as money and efficiency is crucial for success. However, relaxation is also highly valued as it serves as an effective way to reduce pressure. Visitors cannot help but feel the remarkable atmosphere created by locals in this exciting metropolis. The online publishing service in Hong Kong effectively caters to the city's fast-paced culture.

The services offered in Hong Kong's technology-focused society save time, money, and improve efficiency. The popularity of e-books and e-book readers has grown with the introduction of the Kindle in 2009 and the iPad in 2010. A SWOT analysis reveals that online publishing companies contribute to environmental sustainability by using print-on-demand methods that minimize waste while printing and warehousing efficiently. This approach meets market demands by utilizing digital technology to produce smaller print runs with high-quality results. Online publishers also offer authors

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fast and cost-effective solutions for printing, promoting, and selling their books with minimal setup fees compared to traditional publishing methods. Unlike traditional models, online publishers simplify royalty processes by eliminating advances and sharing profits directly once expenses are covered (Hernias, 2005). Authors only pay a one-time publishing fee but earn a percentage of book sales (Hernias 2005). However, online book publishers face challenges from fierce competition from other forms of online entertainment like games, videos, and music which may impact book sales."Book r us" is solely focused on selling science fiction books, which limits its potential readership. This may result in lower sales and profits compared to online publishers that offer a wider book selection. Skillet lacks experience in the online environment but can invest in hardware and software to support their online business.

Despite these challenges, e-books present incredible innovation and opportunities as more mobile and technology companies develop apps for digital reading platforms. The number of digital book readers is steadily increasing. However, Book r us faces potential threats and risks in the online environment.

Establishing their brand online requires both time and money, while investment is necessary for security against hacking attempts that involve unauthorized access to networked computer systems. Illegal hackers often target the internet to steal or damage data and programs.

According to O'Brien (2002), online publishing businesses must store a significant amount of data, including the digital versions of eBooks on a server. However, there is a risk of hackers stealing this information without permission and illegally publishing it. In such cases, the publisher may be held responsible for any security breach and may need to compensate the author for damages caused.

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