E-Commerce Business Report Essay Example
E-Commerce Business Report Essay Example

E-Commerce Business Report Essay Example

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  • Published: December 29, 2017
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According to economic report of Hong Kong the domestic sector stayed relatively resilient in the first quarter of 2013. With consumer sentiment underpinned by broadly supportive Job conditions as well as improved incomes over the past year, private consumption expenditure (PACE) grew briskly by 7. 0% in real terms over a year earlier, much faster than the 2. 8% growth in the fourth quarter of 2012. Summaries those economic information's, book or e-book is category into the non-durables group, book or e-book sales might follow Non-durables consumer spending to increase.

HOG 2013) s-octal Hong Kong local's lifestyles combine the best of Chinese and Western cultures making Hong Songs local culture unique. Life for locals in Hong Kong is very fast paced, but on the weekend most people go out and relax. They know h


ow to leave work at work and because of this Hong Kong have some of the happiest and contented residents of any large city in the world. With the huge selection of entertainment venues and scenic spots it is little wonder that Hong Gong's residents are so happy.

Generally speaking, Hong Kong people have a very fast pace of life. They walk fast, eat fast, speak fast, and live fast. They follow the norm that "time is money" and "efficiency is the key to success". But in the spare time, they also pay great attention to relaxation. It is the best way to reduce pressure. In this exciting metropolis, visitors cannot help but feel this remarkable atmosphere created by the locals. For providing the online publishing service is satisfied the Hong Kong fast culture.

Online publishing service can save time and

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money and efficiency. T-Technology Referring with the Fast culture, the technology in Hong Kong also established very sat and mature. Technology product is very popular in Hong Kong. The technology for e-books and e-book readers has been available in more rudimentary form for more than twenty years, but the popularity of these devices didn't really take off until the Kindles introduction in 2009 and the pad's introduction in 2010. (Whooped. 2013) 1. 2 SOOT analysis of the online book business environment 1.

Save money and Environmental Online publishing companies use an approach known as print-on-demand (POD), Printing and warehousing the books more efficiently, without waste and expense rotational publishing house produce by printing standard quantity of book at a time. It cannot fulfill the need of the market. POD uses digital technology to print in smaller runs with the same high-quality results produced with traditional, offset printing methods. (Hernias 2005) 2. Fast and affordable way to print, promote and sell their books Online publishers then pass these saving to their authors in the way of relatively small set-up and publishing fees.

Also referred to as author-originated publishing companies, online publishers are companies that use the Internet and the attest in print technology to provide authors with a fast and affordable way to print, promote and sell their books. (Hernias 2005) 3. Differences in Royalties In the traditional publishing world, the small percentage of authors that are actually published, typically receive an advance for their book?with promises of more (typically five to ten percent) once the book has sold enough to cover the publishing company's expenses.

Online publishing companies handle royalties in a much more simplistic

way. Authors pay a one time publishing fee and then get a percentage of every book sold. Although the way these royalties are calculated often differs from online publisher to online publisher, there's no gamble built into the royalty system? if a book sells, the author gets a percentage of the profits. (Hernias 2005) W-Weaknesses 1 . High competition of the online marketing Other Online book publisher is the direct competitor.

Online media provide different entertainment such online game, video and music to the consumer. The sale performances maybe affected. 2. The kind of book is united; "book r us" only selling the science fiction item/ section online book. Its Just can attract typical readers or customer. The volume of sales must be lesser than other online publishers, which publish different types of book, and also the profits. 3. Zero experience of the online environment Skillet primarily anchored in the offline environment. Kook r us need to invest money to establish those hardware and software to support the online business. O- Opportunities The e-book era is going to be one of incredible innovation and unlimited opportunity, and people who don't see e-books dominating the future of the book world are mooring the coming innovation and creativity and affordability (Nathan Branford) More mobile and technology company launch different type software or APS for e- book. The reader of digital book is increase continually. International 2012) T- Threats/Risk 1 . The zero experience of the online environment might cost time and money to establish the brand image online. Book r us Just small publisher to build up its own online business. It takes time to build up

the awareness and visibility. It might need to invest some money for and hacking As for an online publisher, might through the Internet to process the payment. Hacking, in computers, is the obsessive use of computers, or the unauthorized access and use of networked computer systems.

Illegal hackers frequently assault the Internet and other networks to steal or damage data and programs. (O'Brien 2002) For online publishing business must include lots of data and information such as the context of the eBook in digital way in the serve. Hacker might steal information and publish online with out the permission. The publisher might take the risk for that issue. The publisher cannot keep the context of book safety and might need to indemnity to the author.

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