Discover the Culture Through Gastronomy Essay Example
Discover the Culture Through Gastronomy Essay Example

Discover the Culture Through Gastronomy Essay Example

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  • Published: December 28, 2017
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ASTHMA University© Angers 2013 Introduction We all love eating, we eat what people eat, we eat what people like, but of course people have different taste of food that they love to be eat when it depends on where are they live and how is their habit.

In these days, food is not Just a food of course it is a premier need of the human being, food is very close to people's life they have breakfast in the morning, a lunch in the afternoon, a diner in the evening, even a upper after 10 pm.

Food It becomes more and more important for the social-life. As they said that gastronomy Is art of selecting, preparing, serving, and enjoying fine food. Gastronomy is the art or science of good tattling . Gastronomy Is a culinary customs or style 2.

As Carport (2000) shows, the original definition of gastronomy has broadene


d in recent years and the concept now refers to "reflective eating and cooking as well as food preparation, production and presentation in general, maintaining the association with excellence"3 Gastronomy Attracts People to Travel

Now, to travel around the world to have the food experience from the origin country or Just go to the specific restaurants to have the authentic food from over the world Is become very popular. The increase in popularity of world food and world travel have inspired researchers to study the relations between food and tourism, the role of food as a tourist attraction ( Hall (2003), Haggler and Richards (2002), Cope Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, Gastronomy--Definition http://www. Merriam-- Mobster. Com/dictionary/gastronomy, 4 March 2012 2 http://www. Merriam-- Webster.

M/dictionary/gastronomy, 3 retrievin

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Sheila Matson Bark and Vincent Vermilion, Gastronomy Tourism : A comparative study of Two French Regions : Brittany and La Martinique, 2006, p. 1 (2003), Cohen (1996), Wood (2001 ), Bessie©re (1998) and also the limits of its attraction Cohen and Veils, 2004)4. For tourists, the satisfaction of nutritional needs is increasingly becoming a culinary-gastronomic experience (Melee and Eservice, 2003) Ninth some tourists such as those originating from Hong Kong quoting sampling local food as their most important activity (Law et AY, 2004)5.

Images of food are used by tourism destinations as markers of their cultural identity (Frontbench, 2003) and food has been shown to have good potential to enhance sustainability of tourism destinations (du Rand, 2003)6. To understand who are the people we must understand what they eat, in this case this article will talk about what will be surprising the foreigner in French traditional market especially those who come from Asia, what are missing in this market, the impression and the sensation of this market and we will compare it with the market from our country it is Indonesia.

Feel So French in March© Sardine des Planets, Angers This observation takes place in March© Sardine des Planets in Angers, it opens every Saturday and Sunday morning.

As a normal market in this market we can see how the people meet each other Nether in the transaction between sellers and the customers, or between the customers, they are coming with their friends or their family to discover the food. But, if we look around, take some moments to observe, take some minutes to realize what does exist around us, we can feel a very

warm ambiance in this market.

It is amazing o feel the passion both of the sellers and the customers they seem feel so happy to be there. Here, in this market we can feel the authentic atmosphere of France, some Inhere some of the population is from there.

As in other countries, France also has so many cross-culture, might be we cannot find the ingredients of Hall food here, or Ingredients of Asian food as rice or noodles, but we can find Asian street food and it IS "fresh from the oven! Such as unless secrets, unless nature, rig Cantonese, dim sum, they are very typically Asian and so many other things. Sheila Matson Bark and Vincent Vermilion, Gastronomy Tourism : A comparative study of Two French Regions : Brittany and La Martinique, 2006, p. 1 5 study of Two French Regions : Brittany and La Martinique, 2006, p. 1 6 Do not be worried for the favorite local specialty because there are so many stands of crepes, galilees, gaffers, biggest, and of course sandwiches. They serve it in unnatural or Just plains.

They have church's as well which is sometimes referred as a Spanish doughnut, is a fried-dough pastry common as a snacks and it is very popular n French especially when the Christmas is coming they also have a March© De Noel "here all the traditional food come up. Here we find so many different types cheeses and creams since cheese is France authentic food. Actually in traditional France have 350 until 400 different types of cheeses it is huge, and those products are covered by Protected Designation of Origin (POD) and French

Appellation doddering Control¶l©e :COCA) systems.

Some popular French cheeses such as Camembert, brie De means, Roquefort, bourbon rebellion, muenster, Pont l'©v©queue, ©poises, and chi©ever tome De above.

They are so delicious for French people in contras it is a bit hard for the Asian concussion? Varieties of thick, dry cured sausage originally France. Normally pork-base, or a combination of pork and other meats, salty taste, shocking in the first bite but it is quite tasty actually. They have pork concussion, canard that is duck, kangaroo, 5 bales it is mixture of the herbs, etc. 7 List of French Cheeses, http://en.

Wisped. Rig/wick/List_of_French_cheeses, 5 2013 If we go little further, we have already knew that France has rich culture it reflected y its amazing historical gastronomy even in these days they have over 1000 'grandees toques" - top chefs and they are not Just staying in France they spread up all over the world. France is a leading tourism destination and is recognized Normalized as having a strong food culture and France government promotes French not Just because of the beautiful Eiffel Tower, the artistic Louvre Museum, or historical of Versailles, they put gastronomy as a key of their tourism to attract the tourists in their travel experience.

Namely their local products can be sold on farm he cheeses, the creams, their spectacular wines, and their local culinary specialties they offer in their restaurant menu. In November 2010, UNESCO added French gastronomy on the prestigious lists of the world's "Intangible Cultural Heritage"10.

Different Ambiance from Indonesia So is in Indonesia, they also have plenty of traditional market where they offer meats, vegetables, eggs, herbs, and spices

cheaper than in supermarket that is why Indonesian women love to shop in the region even every city. They have 5 religions the major is Muslim, followed by

Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, and Hindus, by those religions they have different culture in eating. People in Java are most Muslim so, in their traditional market they do not have any pork, in contrast they have many moutons, of course chickens, beefs, and seafood. They can only find pork in some particulars supermarkets. In contras, in other regions where the most of inhabitant is non-Muslim they have plenty stands of pork in their traditional market. That is for the meats, the other Indonesian popular side dish is soy food such as Tempe and tofu they are the most wanted fresh food in rotational market.

Olivier Garaged, Vale©Erie Smelts, and FRR©d©rice Warranty's, Stars War in Gastronomy: Prestige Restaurants Chefs' 2010, p. 9 10 Manikin Benching, Gastronomic Meal Included on World Immaterial Heritage France Diplomatic http://www. Diplomatic. Gobo. FRR/en/France/French--society/way--of--life/French-- food/ article/French--gastronomic--meal--included, retrieving Those are real Indonesian food and we can say thanks to these foods for uniting the Indonesian because everybody is able to eat those soy foods without any religious arbitration and for an addition it is healthy.

Based on these fermentation soy food can make so many creation of food I. E. Tempe ballad, Tempe Mendoza, Tempe became, Utah green, Utah sis and so on. Indonesian people love spicy food, and they have numerous types of chili, they use chili almost in every recipes and do not ask about Indonesian sauces specialties, there are plenty of sambas that is such a must-have condiment in our dine time, it

based on chili indeed. When the culinary travel experience pops up every where and it becomes a magnet to attract tourists in

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