Difference between KIPP and Other Schools in America Essay Example
Difference between KIPP and Other Schools in America Essay Example

Difference between KIPP and Other Schools in America Essay Example

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  • Published: January 17, 2022
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KIPP Academy is one of the middle schools situated in a poor neighborhood in New York. Students attending this school often come from low-income earning families and families that form the minor races. Despite all the bad things associated with the school, KIPP has emerged to be one of the desirable schools among the schools believed to be for the low income earners in New York City. This school is best known for its scholarly performance in mathematics at the moment. There are about 50 branches of KIPP schools across the United States. Plans to continue increasing the number of KIPP schools are still underway. The success of KIPP schools is as a result of the school's dedication to ensuring that cultural legacies are taken seriously. The latter reason for s


uccess of KIPP schools is echoed by Gladwell in Outliers Chapter 9 where he talks about the success of this school.

Marita is one of the girls studying at KIPP Academy, despite the fact that the girl is in a middle school, she is very hard working. The hardworking nature of Marita can be depicted by her habit of waking up at 5.30 AM every day, and never gets home before 5 pm in the evening. On reaching home after school, she does not take any break but starts handling her homework immediately. She goes to the extent of working as she eats dinner since she doesn’t want to waste any time eating while sited at the table with her family members. Marita rarely goes to bed before midnight; she is always acting as if she is a doctor or a lawyer yet she is just

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but twelve years of age. Evolving of the America’s education system came from the ideas of balancing of rest and work; this can again be brought out from the Outliers Chapter 9. This is the reason why people think so much about rest and even forget that they should work hard without tiring up. The major difference comes in during the summer holidays whereby, students from the best performing schools and are brought up from rich families go for vacations leaving students from low-performing schools busy with books. Schools in America aren’t bad; it’s only that students are often given long holidays which is not the case at KIPP.

Great differences are seen between KIPP School and other schools, as seen in Outlier Chapter 9, Students in KIPP have long study days, this means that classes often lasts longer. As a result, a good pace is taken by teachers while teaching hence they don’t rush through topics for completion. To add on, students are not left behind with the reason that they don’t have enough time for problem-solving. Another difference between the kind of education offered at KIPP and that offered in other schools is that, at KIPP individual students are given specific working schedules, an example is that of Marita. Students attending this school do not lead the “normal” lives led by other students. KIPP lets go the cultural beliefs e.g. summer breaks that most American families lead.

The third difference between KIPP school and other schools is that, KIPP school is composed of students brought up from low income earners thus most of the students do not afford the many privileges given by rich parents

to their children. The latter reason leaves the students from low income earning families in books while children from rich families are out with their parents enjoying themselves, this is why this student from low class families end up scoring high marks compared to those from high-class families.

As I Conclude, I will be grateful to let everyone know that, to deal with the concerns mentioned in this essay, it will require a lot of sacrifices; everyone will have to leave back the misconceptions that are associated with success. Just like Marita struggled so hard to ensure that she was not pulled back by her cultural norms, as we seen in the Outlier Chapter 9, every child should try and do the same thing. We should ensure that equal opportunities are given to both the rich and the less fortunate students. This is because success only comes if equal opportunity.

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