Impact of Family and Community on Me Essay Example
Impact of Family and Community on Me Essay Example

Impact of Family and Community on Me Essay Example

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  • Published: January 17, 2022
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A happy family is the most important and comfortable ground for a child to grow up and become successful people. Parents act like gods in the eyes of children and that the reason it’s important to accept and adore and take responsibilities and words to bring up children who have healthy behaviors and can be able to stay with other people in the society.

I grew up at Laredo in Texas, a border town; I am a happy person because I had a chance to grow up in an amazing family. I am grateful to my parents because they gave me life with love and positivity. My parents taught me how to break bread down and appreciate everything that comes in my way in life. On top of this, my parents spent a lot of their time, efforts, and resources on my education


. They believed that if they gave me constant and persistent development, it would be the earnest of my future success. My dad always got afraid of spoiling me because hue used to give me small gifts and making surprises. Now am grown up, and I have realized that it is okay to destroy children reasonably because nobody can know what life has stored to them in future. This confirms that children who have grown up in happy families usually reaches goals with a lot of ease and have more chances at their exposure and live their life’s to the fullest. Parents play key roles in the growth of a child. My family used to provide me with psychological support to help me grow emotionally, physically and also have physical maturation. These crucial skills

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that my parent instilled in me have helped me to find a common language with people, and I have developed a sense of leadership, humility, creativity and also I have the high level of maturity.

Communities or neighborhoods play a vital role in shaping the behavior of its occupants or residents. Not all people are lucky to be raised in a loving and good community. As for me, I grew up in a community whose environment integrated us together. We lived like a large family bonded together by strong friendship ties.
Laredo has loving communities, and I am always proud to part of the community. The communities are integrated, and the spirit of brotherhood controls most people. For instance, it is never a problem asking help from our neighbors. They avail themselves any time we need them. In fact, when I have a problem that my neighbor can have it fixed with no hassle, I never hesitate to reach out to them.

I have always felt attached to my community. The sense of my community is always on me. I believe this will still be the case even if I will move to a new setting later in my life. The closeness we have makes me feel an important part of the community. This is exactly what I would like the generations to come to experience. Alienation is the last thing I have witnessed, and I take my friend's parents as my parents too.


What I am today and what I believe in is what my family and community have made me be. The perception I have about the world has been shaped by what I have experienced. I

believe in brotherhood, hard work, sharing and respecting others. The love my family and community has shown me helps me get along with friends and everyone I come in touch with. The external force from my family and community has created a positive attitude in me, to work hard in school and had the best in life. The spirit of integration is compelling me to work hard in school and be of help to the future generation and be successful in life.

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