Cutting-Edge Technology Essay Example
Cutting-Edge Technology Essay Example

Cutting-Edge Technology Essay Example

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  • Published: December 28, 2017
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Cutting-edge technologies are nothing special at quick-service restaurant brands. There are digital unnumbered, kiosks, pads at the able, and other ways customers tap into technology inside the restaurant. However, many brands and operators are thinking even further outside the box, adding innovative technologies in the kitchen and at the front counter to help drive profits, smooth operations, and create a top-notch customer experience (USSR, 2013). One of the premier sports grill restaurant chain Duff's, committed to cutting edge technology ; Loyalty.

Duffs is fast growing restaurant chain in South Florida. Duffy selected the Positions POS system from Pinnacle In 2001, and utilized all of the features of Positions, Including back office operations (Pinnacle, 2004). All kinds of data such as sales, labor, and time and attendance are collected and stored In a central database and even menus are oper


ated electronically to each restaurant. In their newest store they have implemented a digital video surveillance system that is integrated with the Positions system.

This enables top managers to monitor activity in the restaurant from remote locations using the Internet. Duffs is also experimenting with wireless handheld for curbside service and inventory control. Cutting-edge technologies helps restaurant not only create a more efficient business, but also add value for customers. McAlister Deli recently began experimenting with a table-tracking system, which enables food runners to know exactly where a guest Is seated, replacing the less effective table tents It used to employ (USSR, 2013).

They were looking at how to deliver the food quicker and more efficiently, and what they landed on was a radio-frequency Identification system that has a reader under each table. The system help

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keep track of how much time lapses between the point at which the initial order is taken and the time the food is delivered to the guest, allowing a franchisee to study each unit's time management. Customers can get a accurate service without waist time (USSR, 2013). Although cutting-edge technology is being used in restaurant service applications, other areas also can add value for customers.

There are some areas AD printing business, POD publishing, and RAJA. AD printing companies such as Speedway is liberating for inventors and entrepreneurs and put the manufacturing process in the hands of ordinary people. If anyone have ever had an Idea for a simple product that you think could sell, or if anyone has ever wanted to make something for your own amusement, then all you need to do Is to whose your service, upload a AD CAD file, and then have It molded by digitally controlled lasers In your material of choice (Brown, 2012). Lulu Is essentially Speedway for publishers. He idea here being that you can upload a -doc file, and ways and with all kinds of options (Brown, 2012). It means anyone can publish a book with making money from it, and anyone can see a publication with their name on it. Companies like Lulu and Speedway are likely to be great blueprints for the way business operates in the future, and they're likely to help more and more entrepreneurs strike out on their own and take on the big businesses. RAJA makes APS and this already puts the company at the forefront of a young but booming industry.

However what these APS do is what makes

them truly unique and even more cutting edge. Raja's niche is in sound, but not Just in normal sound but augmented reality soundness. Their flagship app for instance works by recording the sounds around you in the earphones and then echoing those back to you in a distorted, enhanced or warped manner (Brown, 2012). This creates an incredibly surreal experience that makes you feel like you're in a dream state while turning the world around you into music. Another app attempts to induce dreams in an 'Inception' like manner by getting you to sleep while listening to those soundness.

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