Cottrill case study Essay Example
Cottrill case study Essay Example

Cottrill case study Essay Example

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  • Published: September 24, 2017
  • Type: Case Study
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Judy Stevens. buying supervisor at the Cottrill Inc. works in Columbus had to take a determination whether she wanted to alter cottrill’s paging service from its current provider Tallant to Saxton Wireless or wanted to stay with Tallant. She had to finalise her determination in few hours.

BACKGROUND Information:

Cottrill was established in the mid-1800s and was the one of the largest maize polishing operations in North America. The company operated six wet-milling workss. four in the United States and two in Canada. The Columbus works had been runing for over 20 old ages and employed more than 100 people. Cottrill’s buying section had to guarantee that the works ran expeditiously and was responsible for refilling a assortment of supplies at the works. runing from chemicals to communications equipment. A current enterprise for Cottrill. and peculiarly for the buying


section. was cut downing the degree of working capital. This had been a focal point in the buying section for over two old ages. and the departmental mark was an one-year lessening of $ 300. 000.

The bulk of Cottrill’s merchandises were manufactured through a uninterrupted flow procedure. Therefore. downtime at the Columbus works was highly dearly-won and was estimated at $ 200. 000 per hr. In an effort to minimise works downtime. direction implemented an machine-controlled package plan and an electronic beeper system 12 old ages ago. The package plan. called Production Messaging. monitored Cottrill’s equipment. The works had a sum of 20 beepers. and this figure included a assortment of different theoretical accounts.

Specific PROBLEM:

Several recent events had caused Judy to go disgruntled with the current agreement with Tallant. In June. Judy contacted Tallant with a everyday petitio

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to replace a broken beeper. Judy was dissatisfied with Tallant’s service. feeling that she spent excessively much clip on the phone set uping the order and it took Tallant over a month to direct out the replacing beeper. Judy contacted Tallant once more in September to replace another beeper. She was informed that Tallant no longer carried this theoretical account and that the option of leasing the beeper hardware would be discontinued in the close hereafter. Judy ordered a comparable merchandise. valued at about $ 150. but felt a small unsettled by the new information. Cottrill’s budget was tight and she preferred leasing this equipment alternatively of buying for hard currency flow grounds.


In late October. a Saxton gross revenues representative. Natalie Hopkins. contacted Judy to show a proposal sketching the benefits to Cottrill of exchanging to Saxton’s services.

Exhibit 1

Per-Unit Comparison of Service Footings for Tallant and Saxton

Tallant Saxton Monthly fee for airtime ( per beeper ) $ 16. 95 $ 13. 95 Monthly fee for phone figure ( per beeper ) $ 1. 95 None Monthly fee for equipment lease ( per beeper ) $ 11. 90 None Annual care fee ( per beeper ) $ 60. 00 None Service provided ( no extra cost ) 1-800 # aid line Direct gross revenues representative In order to corroborate that Saxton’s beepers would be compatible with the relevant applications in the Production Messaging package a test was scheduled for the first hebdomad in November. Unfortunately. the beepers did non instantly map with the Production Messaging package. However. after several efforts to work out the functionality issue. Cottrill’s systems group resolved the snags in the hardware

and reworked the connexion after finishing some reprogramming.


1-Judy can make up one's mind to exchange to Saxton.
2-She can stay with Tallant.
3-She can name an pressing meeting with Tallant and discuss with them the issues she has with them and inquire them to better their service and besides to go on the option of leasing beeper hardware. 4-The monthly fee for Saxton is $ 279. Judy can believe of holding Saxton radio for one month proving period before ending the contract with Tallant. So the fright of holding the same issue to go on once more like at test clip can be minimized. In the interim. she can besides seek for other radio system options which may be better than both Tallant and Saxton.


1-Saxton will cut down the cost up to $ 5244 per twelvemonth than Tallant. This is really of import for Costrill as they are seeking to cut down their on the job capital. Saxton will besides supply a direct gross revenues representative in instance any issue arises ; it will salvage clip and will be more of import in instance of exigency. 2-Tallant has established repute in the country of in-plant radio messaging system and are working with Cotrill for 12 old ages. They have much more experience. so are more dependable than Saxton.


ServiceBestNot really good
FunctionalityNot certainCertain
ReputationNot establishedestablished


I would urge Judy to travel for alternate 4. Saxton is lower in cost and better in service than Tallant. By passing $ 279 she can do certain if Saxton is carry throughing all the demands of Costtrill. It will besides give her clip to compare functionality and dependability of both systems.

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