Consumer Behavior Chapter 5 (The Self

beliefs a person holds about his own attributes and how he evaluates the self on these qualities
positivity of a person’s self-concept
social comparison
when person tries to evaluate their appearance by comparing it to the people depicted in these artificial images
Graphics awarded to a user for achievement
geospatial platforms
digital applications that integrate sophisticated GPS technology to enable users to alert friends of their exact whereabouts via their mobile phones
ideal self
person’s conception of how he would like to be
actual self
more realistic appraisal of the qualities we do and do NOT have
impression management
Attempt by people to get others to see them as they want to be seen
Self-induced shift in consciousness due to lack of stimulus
torn self
When individuals struggle with retaining a native culture while confronted with a new culture
virtual identities
the appearance and personality a person takes on as an avatar in a computer-mediated environment like ‘Second Life’
computer-mediated environments (CMEs)
The Sims Online and Webkinz are both examples of ________, part of the growing market of real-time, interactiv
Graphic representations of users of virtual worlds.
symbolic interactionism
relationships with other people play a large part in forming the self and have different social selves
looking-glass self
An image of yourself based on what you believe others think of you, created by Sociologist named Cooley
identity marketing
a promotional strategy where consumers alter some aspects of their selves to advertise for a branded product
symbolic self-completion theory
People are motivated to complete their self- definitions (e.g., musicians) when indicators or symbols of this definition are lacking (e.g., skills) by engaging in activities that complete the symbols (e.g., training). Thus, when moral self-definition is at stake, such as when one has indulged in morally questionable activities, one should naturally be motivated to engage in activities that will restore moral integrity.
self-image congruence models
models suggest that we choose products when their attributes match some aspect of the self.
extended level
When a word is applied correctly to all the objects that apply.
4 levels of extended self
1)Individual Level
2)Family Level
3)Community Level
4)Group Level
Individual Level
Consumers include many of their personal possessions in self-definition
Family Level
Part of the extended self includes a consumer’s residence and the furnishings in it
Community Level
Sense of belonging is particularly important with close ties to the __________________
Group Level
Subgroups such as sport teams, political parties, organizations
sex roles
Culture’s expectations about how those of their gender should act, dress, or speak
Agentic goals
an emphasis on self-assertion and mastery, often associated with traditional male gender roles
communal goals
societies teach females to value these goals, such as affiliation and the fostering of harmonious relations
sex-typed traits
characteristics that are stereotypically associated with one gender or the other
contemporary young mainstream female achievers (CYMFA)
identified different roles these women play in different contexts.
assumption that the world is, and should be, shaped mainly by men, for men
Combination of culturally determined female and male characteristics in one person.
goth subculture
a lifestyle group inspired by vampire myths that illustrates an androgynous approach to gender identity
gender-bending products
a traditionally sex-typed item adapted to the opposite gender
Body image
Descriptive and evaluative beliefs about one’s appearance.
Body cathexis
a person’s feelings about his or her body
ideal of beauty
a particular model or exemplar of appearance
the presure to be slim is continually reinforced by advertings and peers
Body dysmorphic disorder
An obsession with perceived flaws in appearance and average age is 15.
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