Comparison and contrast of Kosovo and Kashmir Conflicts Essay Example
Comparison and contrast of Kosovo and Kashmir Conflicts Essay Example

Comparison and contrast of Kosovo and Kashmir Conflicts Essay Example

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  • Published: December 22, 2017
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This conflict occurred a long time ago in 1389 where the first phase of this conflict began. There are were two sides in this conflict where Status Quo Side was presented by Yugoslav/Serbian government and another Non-Status Quo was presented by Kosovar Albanians and NATO. The Region of this conflict is Europe in territory of modern Albania, but when the conflict was taken a place, it was territory of Yugoslavia till 2003 when it was renamed on "State Union of Serbia and Montenegro"; however, in June of 2006 Serbia and Montenegro respectively declared their independencies and became independent countries.According to country independencies, final stage of a Kosovo conflict was solved on a territory of Serbia in 2008 when Kosovo became a part of Albania.

The type of the conflict is external intervention, because in the first pl


ace the conflict had place only on Kosovo territory between two sides, and in spite of the fact that NATO has taken actions in this conflict, it is still external conflict because intervention of NATO is the same as Albanian, because Albania is the part of NATO; moreover, actions were taken in Kosovo.There are 3 main issues in Dispute of this conflict. Firstly, there was Ethnic issue and this conflict is connected to Ethnic conflicts, because in the first place this conflict was between ethnics groups such as Serbian and Albanian so it follows that this conflict is connected to ethnic nationalism. Secondly, another main issue of Kosovo conflict is governance issue, so it's connected to competition for resources and other political and economical issues between Serbia and Albania.It is very important issue of the conflict and its straigh

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connect to the fact why time period of this conflict was so long, because in the first place, a lot of citizens of Yugoslavia and later Serbia was against negative war actions that connect to the terrorism; however, government interests are in the first place. It follows that if Governance did not have so huge interest in resources of Kosovo territory, conflict might be dealt earlier than it was.

Thirdly, one of the main issues is independence of ethnical group and it is straight connected to the conflict's history and its beginning.The conflict actually begins in 1989 when Kosovo was under the Serbian President Slobodan Milosovich and he revoked Kosovo autonomy and promised Kosovo Serbs that they would be restored to power, while 90 % of Kosovo were Ethnic Albanian Muslims. In 1991, Kosovar separatists declared a republic, receiving recognition from neighbouring Albania. However, according to this date, conflict is actually begun earlier that 1989 that is 'start' of the first phase. The actual beginning of this conflict is 1389 where Turkish forces defeated Serb forces and according to this, this Ethical group is known as Kosovar Muslims.

The authority of the country and Kosovo were changing a lot of times where main Ethnical governance was Serbians and Kosovar Muslims, so according to this fact, the main question of this conflict is connected to the Ethical issue and after, independence of Kosovar Muslims, because in the first place the conflict provided which Ethical group Kosovo is belongs to. There are 3 main phase of the conflict are known in history and three dates that are 1389; 1989 and 1999. In 1999 NATO as a 'world police

truncheon' was interfered in this conflict on Kosovar Muslims sides. Kashmir ConflictThis conflict started in 1947 when British colonial power left this territory and it was split in two countries that have been at loggerheads ever since.

There are two sides of this conflict where Status Quo Side is India and Non-Status Quo Side is Pakistan. The Region of this conflict has taken a place in Asia in North West of India. The Kashmir is refers to the territorial dispute between India and Pakistan and in one phase between India and People's Republic of China. Time period of the conflict is more than half a century where the territory of Kashmir has been contested by India and Pakistan.

According to the history, the main of this conflict is that some of Territory has not been included in British India, so when British colonial power has left its territory, there were not only Indians living there, but also Pakistani who were not been living in British India. The official stated stance of India is that Kashmir is an "integral part" of India, while the official stated stance of Pakistan is that Kashmir is a disputed territory whose final status can only be determined by the Kashmiri people.First negative war actions were provided after beginning of first phase that had provided withdrawal of Pakistan forces. The main issue in dispute of this conflict is territorial dispute that are also straight connected to other issues such as nationalism, because in the first place conflict on territory between two ethnic group Indians and Pakistani, and another issue, is governance, where two governments are compete for resources and territory.

This territory is

also divided on two religious divisions. The conflict still not being decided finally and last actions that were taken by two governments to deal with conflict is second round of Indo-Pakistani peace talks in July 2006. The conflict is actually has got 3 phases in 1947, 1965 and 1999 and there were a lot of terrorism action provided from Pakistan side, while India answered by the same method with providing bloodshed through its force. Comparison and contrast of these two conflictsThere are a lot of similarities in the structure of those conflicts, but in some points, there are straight opposite and difference of these conflicts.

Firstly, the type of a conflicts are almost the same, because in the first place 'external intervention' provides that conflict are taken a place on one territory Kosovo that was part of Yugoslavia when conflict begun, and North West India. Secondly, these conflicts are between countries that are contested between each other because of territory.While Albania was contested against Serbia, India contests against Pakistan. However, there is also difference of conflicts in this point, because in the first place while Kosovar Muslims was against structure of Serbia in the first place, and only after Albanian's government become a part of a conflict because of Muslims who were living in Kosovo; there were interference of the Pakistan government in the first place while its Pakistani who were living in territory of North West India.Thirdly, one of the main similarities of the conflicts is that both conflicts' main issue are connected to Ethnic society and Religion division, where Serbian were against Kosovar Muslims in Kosovo, while Indians are against Kashmir Muslims.Fourthly, another

similarity is that both conflicts are connected to Independence issue; however, it is very important to show the historical fact that Kosovar Muslims won war against Serbians in 1397, while Kashmir Muslims wanted independence only when British colonial power provided independence for India, so according to history, Kosovar Muslims were more true in conflicts against Serbia, in comparison with Kashmir Muslims, who did not win any war against India and wanted independence only after India became an independent country.

Fifthly, another similarity of these two conflicts is governance issue where Yugoslavia (Serbia) government did not want to loose its territory because of resources, while India does not want to give independence for Kashmir, because in the first place it was provided in 1947 that this territory is the only territory in India that have got other ethical groups and societies.However, there is very important difference in this point of comparison, where Serbia forces sent approximately 800 000 of Kosovar Muslims to Albania, while India did not send people to Pakistan and did not deprive their status of citizens. Finally, both conflicts are connected to terrorism and disturbing of Human Rights Act of peaceful humans; however, there were provided terror acts from two sides of Kosovo conflicts, while India provided accurate and legal defence against terrorism.The main difference of these two conflicts is that Kosovar Muslims and Albania has tried to deal with the conflict by interference NATO, while Pakistan are still doing their illegal terrors act and NATO can not help them, because in the first place there are not such opposition from India side against Kashmir Muslims as it was from Serbia side against Kosovar

Muslims where almost 800 000 of Kosovar Muslims lost their status of living.

In conclusion, in spite of various regions and time periods of these conflicts, there are a lot of similar points, because in the first place aims are almost similar. However, differences of dealing and solving of conflicts are opposite to each other an according to comparison, there won't be any chances for Pakistan to connect Kashmir territory, because of still doing illegal terrors act. Furthermore, according to history, Kosovar Muslims had got more rights on Kosovo than Pakistan on Kashmir.

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