King Kong: Then and Now
King Kong: Then and Now

King Kong: Then and Now

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  • Published: December 21, 2017
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In 1933 King Kong was released as a 'state of the art' modern thriller. The film was aimed at an adult audience and certified as an X.

in contrast the new version was released in 2005 with a 12 certificate. The special effects in the first film look primitive to a modern audience but terrifying to an audience in their day.In both films the characters first impressions of the island and the natives that they find are different. In the original version, everybody is excited to be there, but in the modern version they seem scared of it except the director who smiles away in an evil way.

Both films find the natives in a different way. The original could see and hear them from the boat but the modern version, they have to be on the island, and


there are very few compared to the 1933 version. Also, in the original , they stereotype the natives, happy, dancing and singing, but the modern version shows them as dark and sinister.Ann is captured by the natives and 'prepared' for Kong differently in both films. The original version, they put flower garlands around her and everyone's happy and dancing.

In the modern version they give her a bone necklace then tie her up, as if this was a sacrifice, with her arms above her head, tied to a wooden structure and just hangs there until Kong comes.Obviously Kong is a lot more realistic in the modern film because of all the new technology, but in the original, that was state of the art technology. In the original we don't really see him as much as we d

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in the modern film, and we also see more of his emotions, for Ann and also when he doesn't get his own way. We mostly see his emotions for Ann.

In the original we don't really see the emotions between Kong and Ann, we know that Ann is scared of him by her obsessive screaming, but she always wants to run away even after Kong saves her life by killing the dinosaur. But the modern version is different, Ann is scared of him, still tries to run away but then she sees that Kong cares about her after he killed the dinosaur. So Ann tries to entertain Kong. That's when you see that he has human like qualities. Then finally when Ann cant do anymore, Kong has a tantrum as if he was 4 years old.

Ann was starting to relly like him and you could tell she did right at the end when Kong fell and Ann was crying.When Ann is rescued, in the original, we want her to leave because you cant see the emotions between the two off them. In the modern film you almost want Ann to stay with him because you can see that Kong really cares for her, almost loves her.When Kong is captured, the original version almost shows it as a heroic battle, David and Goliath.

But the modern version makes you feel sad and brings a lump to the back of your throat because all he wants is Ann.The 1933 version was the worst out of the two, but I don't think it's a very fair contest because of we lived in 1933 it would probably be superb.

The modern version is really good with the special effects and more characters but it is too long. Everything is dragged on and stretched. I don't think you can really say which film is better because they were made in different times.

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