Company Analysis Johnson And Johnson
Company Analysis Johnson And Johnson

Company Analysis Johnson And Johnson

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  • Published: October 22, 2017
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Internationalization Overview

It was the joint attempts of three brothers. Robert Wood Johnson. Edward Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson that lead to the origin of Johnson & A ; Johnson in 1886 at New Brunswick. New Jersey. Even today the company strongly follows the Credo. which was formulated by its laminitis Robert Wood Johnson as doctrine that guides their concern. It is a transnational house established in 60 states with over 275 companies over the universe and is chiefly diversified in three different Fieldss viz. Consumer Healthcare. Medical Devices & A ; Nosologies and Pharmaceuticals. Johnson & A ; Johnson has an plus of $ 131. 19 billion. ( jnj. com ) With all the companies that it owns. it comprises as the largest and the most diverse medical devices and Nosologies Company. the 6th largest consumer wellness company. 6th largest pharmaceuticals company. and the 6th largest biologics company.

The company has been driven by invention from their origin. One of their first merchandises was a first assistance kit for handling little hurts. which could be used by anyone. The usage of kid attention merchandises was introduced by them in 1894. which is extremely successful boulder clay day of the month. It was in the twelvemonth 1924 that Johnson & A ; Johnson started their internationalisation. spread outing their operations to the United Kingdom. This was highly successful enlargement and it added a great encouragement to the company’s growing. This carved a way for farther enlargement internationally into British settlements like South Africa in 1930 and Australia in 1931 and neighboring state of Mexico i


n 1930. With the Robert Wood Johnson II taking the leading of the company he changed the company’s Global scheme and made the company as a decentralized household of companies. Their operations were farther expanded into Argentina and Brazil in 1937 flowed by the formation of Ortho Research Laboratories Inc. and Ethicon Inc. in New Jersey.

In 1957 they established their operations in India. the first enlargement into Asia. In the 1959 there were many acquisitions by the company. McNeil Laboratories in Fort Washington. United States. Cilag AG in Switzerland followed by acquisition of Janssen Pharmaceutica in 1961. it was considered one of the most advanced house so. ( jnj. com ) In the late 70’s and 80’s Johnson & A ; Johnson enters into new wellness attention markets such as diabetes direction. vision attention and mechanical closing of lesions. This created the possibilities for more enlargement. and they entered into China and Egypt. The late 90’s was followed by a series of acquisitions ; some of them were Centocor. Cordis Corporation. Kodak’s Clinical Diagnostics and Neutrogena Corporation. The enlargement into Eastern European market and Russia was a major move.

In 2002 they acquired Tibotec-Virco. a house which helps patients with non curable diseases such as Tuberculosis and AIDS. A major acquisition was Pfizer Consumer Healthcare in 2006. The chief end for them was to follow their Credo. which has been vastly successful. The internationalisation scheme was to accommodate to altering planetary markets and fundamentally deconcentrate their operations. This was what copulate them Strengthen their Global Presence. Most of

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their international enlargement was through big acquisitions of constituted houses. Their steady growing shows how they have captured markets all over the universe. They use chiefly use version scheme. hence they are focused on the peculiar mark market and have different methods of operations in different markets.

Network Analysis

With over 275 companies under one roof Johnson & A ; Johnson group of companies is one of the largest in the universe. The Data sets provided gives us a clear thought of how the web is connected from the parent to its subordinates. The chief aim is to place how the chief subordinates are connected to the parent.

( Fig. 1 ) Subordinates

The above figure depicts the layout of how the chief subordinates of Johnson & A ; Johnson are connected. Generally nodes with higher centrality steps can non be considered as chief subordinate. hence a series of analysis is done on the identified subordinates utilizing web analysis techniques.

The chief subordinates of Johnson & A ; Johnson are different in each range of their diversified countries. The Consumer Health Segment is under Johnson & A ; Johnson trade name name and they are established in more than 60 states and are holding single ties with each state and they have their ain presence by themselves without any strategic tie ups. However. the disposal and finance section seem to hold many ties with subgroups within the organisation every bit good as external beginnings.

The Pharmaceutical section is besides one of the largest webs. with Janssen Pharmaceutica which is their chief subordinate. As a chief subordinate. they operate with a figure of companies under this streamer. Cilag which is besides a large company is under the Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Crucell which is a steadfast developing vaccinum is besides under the Janssen group. Galapagos which is a joint venture between Crucell and Tibotec trades with the research and development in pharmaceutical industry and is a major subscriber to the inventions achieved by Janssen Pharmaceutical.

The Medical Devices & A ; Diagnostics section is the largest and the most diverse section in the universe. Johnson & A ; Johnson have one of the biggest companies in footings or Research and development under this section. Some of their subordinates are Animas Corporation. Cordis Corporation. Depuy Synthes companies of Johnson & A ; Johnson. Ethicon. Ethicon Endo Surgery. Janssen Diagnostics. Johnson & A ; Johnson Vision Care. wise man and Ortho-Clinical Nosologies. Most of these are straight connected to the parent house. but they besides seem to hold lame ties within themselves.

The comparing of different centrality steps such as Degree. Betweenness. Eigenvector. Closeness and other analysis such as Density. K-cores. Structural Holes. and subgroup division Algorithms like Girvan-Newman. Fractions will assist us place how the parent subordinate web is formed.


The complete web Density or the Average Matrix Value is 0. 003 for the given informations set. The Standard Deviation of the Density is 0. 058 and the norm weighted grade is 1. 278

Centrality Measures


( Fig. 2 ) Degree Centrality

The above figure shows the grade of each node with regard to its size. the highest grade is Johnson & A ; Johnson with

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