Which of the following is a function of supporting material?
to illustrate and elaborate on a speakers ideas
When used as supporting material in a speech, examples can
All of the options are correct.
Effective examples for a speech may be all of the following except
Which type of example offers a single illustration point?
Which type of example offers a multifaceted illustration of an idea, item, or event?
Legends, fairy tales, myths, and other stories are considered to be
Plot, characters, setting, and a time line are all essential to
Brief stories of interesting, often humorous incidents based on real life are called
If a medical doctor provides cutting-edge information on the threat of cholesterol, she is providing which type of supporting material?
expert testimony
Which type of average provides the center-most score in a distribution?
A speaker selectively presenting only those statistics that betters his or her point of view while ignoring competing data is said to be
Eyewitness testimony, diary entries, interviews, and surveys are examples of
primary sources
Which of the following is not a type of secondary source?
A regularly published magazine or journal is called a(n)
Newsweek and Time are examples of
A(n)_______ is a Web site maintained by individuals or groups containing journal-type entries.
GPO stands for
Government Printing Office
The U.S. GPO publishes and distributes all
information collected and produced by federal agencies
Which type of reference work summarizes knowledge that is found in original form elsewhere?
An atlas is a collection of maps that can provide information on
All of the options are correct.
Effective interview questions
don’t lead the interviewee to a desired response.
Questions that don’t lead the interviewee to a desired response are known as
neutral questions
A question designed to check that all important information has been discussed is called
a clearinghouse question
At the end of the interview, you should
All of the options are correct.
Surveys are an especially effective source of support for topics related to the attitudes, values, and beliefs of the people
in a speaker’s immediate environment
Three of the most commonly used systems of reference are
APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style
When citing source material in a bibliography, the speaker should record several important elements, including
the title and year of publication
Which of the following is a potential problem associated with the exclusive use of popular search engines during the research process?
All of the options are correct.
The portion of the Web that general search engines often fail to find is called the
invisible web
______ refers to the deliberate falsification of information
Which of the following domain suffixes indicates a nonprofit group?
Which of the following is an example of an individual search engine on the Internet?
All of the options are correct.
Meta-search engines
scan a variety of individual search engines simultaneously.
Which types of search engines are devoted entirely to one field?
specialized search engines
A subject (Web) directory
All of the options are correct.
Some engines and directories accept fees from companies in exchange for higher ranking within search results. This is called
paid placement
And, Or, and Not are examples of
Boolean operators
Which of the following are the most widely used formats for documenting sources?
APA, MLA, and Chicago
Crediting speech sources can
All of the options are correct
Speakers need not credit sources for ideas that are
common knowledge
Which of the following should not be included in a spoken citation?
the page numbers of the source
_______ refers to our level of trust in a source’s credentials and track record for providing accurate information.
Source reliability
The phrase “Pulitzer-Prize – Winning author” is
a source qualifier
A source qualifier
is a brief description of the source’s qualifications
To avoid mechanical delivery of speech sources, speakers should
alternate introductory phrases
What type of source is: On January 26, 2011, in the senate hearing before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Bob Graham, co-chair of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, revealed that…
Information not your own may be cited in the form of a summary, direct quotation, or
Which of the following represents a difference between spoken and written language?
All of the options are correct
Which technique can help a speaker prepare his or her speech to be heard rather than read?
experimenting with sentence fragments
A speaker who uses vivid imagery
encourages listener involvement
Forms of expression that make striking comparisons that help listeners visualize, identify with, and understand the speaker’s ideas are called
figures of speech
“He works like a dog.” This statement best illustrates which of the following techniques?
In Leeza’s presentation on her graduate-school experiences, she said, “Graduate school is an uphill battle.” Leeza used which figure of speech?
A speaker should avoid using expressions that are
Effective speakers are careful to use language that is appropriate to
All of the options are correct.
The literal, or dictionary, definition of a word is its
denotative meaning
How many people in the United States have a mental or physical disability?
One in five
One way that a speaker can leave a lasting impression on listeners is to incorporate oral language that is artfully arranged and infused with rhythm. one device that helps a speaker accomplish this is
“his character plays a rocking, rolling, roaring, raging role.” This statement best illustrates which of the following techniques?
Parallelism can be used by a speaker
All of the options are correct.
Presentation aids should be used in a context that is appropriate to
All of the options are correct.
Presentation aids
convey information concisely
In Russell’s speech about his hobby as an amateur taxidermist, he exhibited several mounted animals as his presentation aids. Which type of presentation aid did Russell use?
Pictures as presentation aids include
Which type of graph is useful for demonstrating how something changes or fluctuates in value?
line graph
In her speech about divorce rates, Geneva wanted to show a comparison of divorce rates among three states. To best illustrate these comparisons, Geneva used a
bar graph
Which type of chart best illustrates a sequence of activities or the directional flow in a process?
Linda’s speech focused on the chain of command within her department. To best demonstrate the communication networks among the employees, Linda used which type of chart?
organizational chart
When creating a pictogram, the speaker should be sure to
make certain that the pictorial representation will be understood by viewers.
When incorporating audio or video into a presentation, the speaker should
All of the options are correct.
As a presentation aid, multimedia
is more time-consuming to prepare than other forms of presentation aids
A chalkboard is an effective presentation aid when a speaker
gives an impromptu explanation
To minimize listener distractions, a speaker should
distribute handouts when he or she is finished talking
How many major ideas should be present on each presentation aid?
When designing a presentation aid, the speaker should strive for
To help maintain continuity, carry the following element through to each aid:
All of the options are correct
Typefaces come in a variety of sets of sizes and upper- and lowercases, or
The two categories of typefaces are sans serif and
When selecting type of styles for a presentation, a speaker should
check his or her lettering for legibility
Boldface, underlining, and italics should
be used sparingly
Skillful use of color in a presentation aids can
All of the options are correct.
Which of the following colors should a speaker use to emphasize important points?
A speaker should limit the number of colors used in a graphic to
two or three
Technical errors that can arise from using presentation software include
All of the options are correct.
Which of the following options does PowerPoint offer for composing a set of presentation slides?
All of the options are correct.
Which of the following PowerPoint options allows the user to decide how to display a title page, section pages, headings, body text, pictures, and captions, while applying a consistent layout to each slide?
Slide layout
Which of the following PowerPoint options include forty-eight predesigned templates, each of which conveys a certain look or feel?
Design tab
In which mode of PowerPoint do users customize every aspect of the presentation?
Blank slide layout
Which of the following PowerPoint options allows the greatest degree of creativity and flexibility?
Blank slide layout
Which view option PowerPoint allows the user to look at an individual slide on the screen and edit it?
normal view
Which view option in PowerPoint provides a graphical representation of all the slides in the presentation, in the order they are were created?
slide-sorter view
Which view in PowerPoint is meant to be used during projection to an audience?
slide-show view
Which of the following can be inserted into PowerPoint slides?
All of the options are correct.
A persuasive speech
All of the options are correct
Under which of the following conditions is the persuasive purpose appropriate?
All of the options are correct.
A speaker is more likely to persuade audience members whose position differs _____ from the speaker’s
According to Aristotle, rhetorical proof consists of
logos, pathos, and ethos
A three-part argument consisting of a general case, a specific case, and a conclusion is called
a syllogism
The rhetorical proof by emotion is termed
In his persuasive speech about why people should buy used instead of new cars, Juan provided the audience with convincing information because of his knowledge and experience as a used-car salesperson. Juan employed which type of appeal?
Buck gave a persuasive speech about why people should assist the homeless in his city in order to prevent crime. According to Maslow, this speech appealed to which basic need?
In his presentation to his co-workers, Kyle encouraged his colleagues to reach their highest potential and take pride in their work. According to Maslow’s hierarchy, which need did Kyle appeal to?
According to the elaboration likelihood model of persuasion, more long-lasting changes in audience perspectives occur if listeners process the speech message

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