Close reading of the passage of “Ligiea” by E.A Poe Essay Example
Close reading of the passage of “Ligiea” by E.A Poe Essay Example

Close reading of the passage of “Ligiea” by E.A Poe Essay Example

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The narrator starts his vivid description of Loggia and from the very beginning he gives a signal to a reader that her figure Is particularly significant to him (There Is one dear Is the person of Algeria. ) He begins with describing her stature, which was very tall and slim and as he does it the reader is able to see how he tries to portray her as much precisely as possible. For instance, he enumerates her features with the usage of words such as somewhat to give a detailed picture of her person.

What is more, the narrator employs a number of sophisticated words to present is beloved wife, such as emaciated, demeanor or incomprehensible. He states that It Is really difficult to depict her majesty; she seems so perfect that no words can properl


y give back her beauty. The narrator speaks of Algeria as if he was enchanted by her.

According to him, she was a very silent person, who moved like a shadow and even when she came into the room she couldn't be heard (She came and departed as a shadow).

He talks about her low sweet voice and marble hands, which may give the impression that Algeria had a features of unearthly being; with her beauty she resembles more of a statue or an angelic creature. For him, no other woman could ever surpass her. (In a beauty of face no maiden ever equaled her).

The narrator himself is overcome by his devotion to his wife and at the same time struggles to understand her.

However, he becomes a less objective character in the moment when it is reveale

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that his statements are colored by opium and thus makes the story a little more questionable (It was the radiance of an opium dream). In his view, her facial features do not fit In the classical stereotypes, which makes her even more mysterious to him. By recalling a quotation of the Francis Bacon, which dates that there is no true beauty without a hint of strangeness, husband of Algeria tries to discover a source of her oddity, however he continuously falls to achieve his goal.

When he speaks In detail of her facial features, such as lofty and pale forehead, and states how perfect it is, he gets highly agitated, because by using inappropriate words he devalues her fairness. Narrator proves his true devotion to wife by calling features of her appearance.

Through such expressions as: purest ivory; gentle prominence; raven-black; glossy; luxuriant , the speaker is setting up the image of a vine being and tries to influence reader's emotions to make them more aware of the extraordinariness of Algeria.

Next, narrator proceeds to description of her nose and by using a very sophisticated language he manages to attribute an unusual imagery, because he speaks of it as if it was some kind of an item or a thing; not a person (luxurious smoothness of surface) It seems from his story-telling that every part of her body is exposed to his examination. This also includes her lips, which he regards as the most heavenly aspect of her entire body (Here was indeed the triumph of all things heavenly).

He focuses on every detail of her mouth and personifies them to give a more vivid

and distinct image to a reader (the color which spoke; the teeth glancing back). When speaking about her looks, he does not have a resistance to compare her to a classical Greek pattern of beauty. For him, she encompasses perfection in every possible way.

To conclude, Algeria is written in way specific of Poe. He created an unnamed narrator, who can manipulate the story to the limits of his imagination. The speaker wrapper up the reader in a hazy story of particular descriptions, filled with vivid imagery that is supposed to show his mind from inside out.

The tone of his story- telling is full of intense emotions that are driven by his powerful obsession about Illegal.

What is significant about the writing style is the amount of enumerations, long lists of adjectives connected by and. Poe also employed a operation of personification of particular parts of narrator's wife. All this features have a goal to engage the reader into deeper understanding of character of Algeria but also they are supposed to introduce a feeling of mystery and extraordinariness.

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