Cinderella Man Movie Essay Example
Cinderella Man Movie Essay Example

Cinderella Man Movie Essay Example

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  • Published: April 8, 2017
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The film centers on the life of James J Braddock, a once-unsuccessful boxer with a disadvantaged background who ultimately becomes the heavyweight boxing champion. The narrative takes place during the American Great Depression and presents Braddock as an emblem of the economic and social difficulties that Americans encountered at that time. By depicting his battles with poverty, joblessness, and homelessness - widespread issues experienced by numerous individuals throughout the Great Depression - viewers observe his struggles.

The film and our classroom discussion share a common theme of economic struggle, as Braddock and his family faced strong needs due to their financial limitations. Economic fluctuations were a constant challenge, and they had to make sacrifices such as giving up non-essential purchases to afford food and medicine, this being their opportunity cost. Initially, Braddock was living in comfort


with a good house, investments, and income from boxing. However, the stock market crash had severe consequences for him and his family. Braddock lost his investments, and his physical injuries prevented him from continuing his boxing career.

Due to the Depression, finding a new job was almost impossible for Braddock after his boxing license was revoked. The Depression had a significant impact on most people both socially and psychologically. When Braddock's son stole meat, he returned it to the store and taught his son that stealing is never acceptable. Despite his family's starvation, Braddock maintained his moral values and demonstrated unwavering honesty.

Despite facing adversity, James J. Braddock's integrity and family life remained strong. His loved ones eagerly awaited his return after each fight, despite financial struggles. In the film's climax, he faced a dangerous opponent in order to earn money

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and prevent his children from being taken away or sent to live with relatives due to lack of funds for food. He emerged triumphant and earned a significant sum of money, allowing him and his family to overcome their economic crisis and find happiness once again.

The story of Braddock illustrates that with persistence and the unwavering support of family, one can triumph over adversity and attain prosperity.

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