Character Analysis of Rose Essay Example
Character Analysis of Rose Essay Example

Character Analysis of Rose Essay Example

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August Wilson’s Fences is a narrative of an African American household. chiefly centered around Troy Maxson and his troubles as a black adult male in a preponderantly white society. The narrative focuses on many subjects and puts an accent on the relationships between Troy and his household. As the narrative revolves around Troy. we see that many of the determinations he made start to impact those around him and the relationships of his friends. household. and loved 1s easy disintegrate. One of the most outstanding relationships that were destroyed was the matrimony between Troy Maxson and his married woman Rose Maxson. Loving. lovingness and apprehension. Rose in August Wilson’s Fences is a character that remains a strong adult female for her household despite the issues in her family. With Rose in Fences. she is a female parent


that exhibits strength and forfeit. as she puts her ain demands aside for the wellbeing of her household. As the drama moves frontward we see that Troy’s determinations refering matrimony. unfaithfulness. and household easy shatters the relationship with Rose and straight affects her function as a homemaker. female parent. and adult female.

In the beginning of Fences. Rose is identified as Troy’s married woman as “her devotedness to him stems from her acknowledgment of the possibilities of her without him. ” ( Kirszner and Mandell 1114 ) . Here she introduced during the conversation between Troy and Bono and provinces that without Troy. Rose wouldn’t have what she does now and she would be taking a worse life ; which she besides recognizes. 1 Based on her debut entirely. her individuality stems from the fact that she is marrie

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to Troy. During this clip Rose. as a character. is non seen for her character traits or personality. yet she is already given the label of ‘housewife’ . This label is farther reinforced by the debut of Act 1. Scene 2 where the scene begins with Rose hanging apparels and singing quietly to herself. After she sees Troy. she follows up with “’Morning. You ready for breakfast? I can repair it shortly as I finish hanging up these apparels? ” ( Kirszner and Mandell 1122 ) . In this scene. she is shown as the regular homemaker ; cooking nutrient. making wash. etc. Her function and individuality here is defined by her matrimony with Troy through her actions and duologue as she is expected to play her function as the married woman and typically cook nutrient for the household while be givening to other family jobs. As the drama moves frontward. Rise maintains the inactive function of housewife despite Troy’s intervention towards Cory and actions of unfaithfulness.

Infidelity. criminal conversation. adulterous sex. unfaithfulness. rip offing. These actions are all of the same and are all abhorred. In matrimonial relationships. it is normally assumed that both spouses remain sole although this is non ever met. So when Rose comes to happen out that her hubby. Troy. has been rip offing on her and his kept woman is now pregnant. she is perfectly devastated. The matrimony between Rose and Troy has been destroyed. After this. Rose’s function as a adult female and married woman start to link. In Act Two. when facing Troy. Rose negotiations about her life and matrimony as she compares it to seting when she

says “I took all my feelings. my wants and needs. my dreams and I buried them inside you. . . I planted myself inside you and waited to blossom. And it didn’t take me no 18 old ages to happen out the dirt was difficult and bouldery and it wasn’t ne'er gon na bloom. But I held on to you. Troy. I held you tighter. You was my hubby. ” ( Kirszner and Mandell 1147 ) . When Rose told Troy that she took her feelings. wants. demands and dreams and 2 buried them inside him. she was stating him that she’d given her life for their matrimony and their household. She put his demands and the demands of their kids systematically over hers. Here it is understood that Rose sacrificed herself and her individuality for the interest of matrimony. But as she noted. there was ne'er a bloom. In Rose’s twenty-four hours and age. it was uncommon for adult females to stand up for themselves. When she found that her hubby had impregnated Alberta. she told him that she would no longer unrecorded with him as his married woman with “But you a womanless adult male. ” ( Kirszner and Mandell 1151 ) and they lived separate lives. When Alberta died. Rose adopted Troy’s girl as her ain. and took attention of her. merely leting Troy to supply for them as Rose ended up accepting the function of female parent.

After the matter and the birth of Raynell. Rose’s function as a female parent will remain inactive. She will still care for and raising Raynell. But before that happens. many facets of herself alteration. During

this clip. we start to see Rose waver from the function of homemaker and get down to place as a adult female and a individual herself. When Rose stands up to Troy. her individuality as a married woman starts to decrease. Rose tells Troy. “And you know I ain’t ne'er wanted no half nil in my household. My whole household is half. Everybody got different male parents and female parents my two sisters and my brother. Can’t barely tell who’s who. Can’t ne'er sit down and speak about Papa and Mama. It’s your dad and your mamma and my dad and my mamma. ” ( Kirszner and Mandell 1145 ) . At this point. we start sing Rose for her beliefs and see her as a individual ; non Troy’s married woman. We see that she had demands and wants every bit good. Rose wanted household and she wanted to maintain her household together. which was torn apart after Troy’s matter. This matter besides helps her identify more as an independent adult female now. Following the matter. Rose becomes cold towards Troy as she tells him that “Your dinner’s on the range. All you have to make is heat it up. ” and so leaves the house to make what she wants. Troy is inquiring inquiries here. but non having replies as his “wife” leaves.

In Fences. Rose’s relationship with Troy diminishes with every determination that he makes. These determinations start to impact the characters and alter their functions in the family. Rose stays as a female parent. but is no longer a married woman. She becomes her ain individual. with beliefs. and starts thought of

herself. She makes a base for herself and her household and realized where she went incorrect in her matrimony after Troy’s decease. She told Cory that she’d made the error of non doing Troy think of her. “When your dada walked through the house he was so large he filled it up. That was my first error. Not to do him go forth some room for me. ” ( Kirszner and Mandell 1160 ) . Rose gave up love for comfort as she followed up with “But at that clip I wanted that. I wanted a house that I could sing in. And that’s what your dada gave me. ” ( Kirszner and Mandell 1160 ) and shortly her individuality was established after their matrimony as married woman because “that’s what life offered me in a manner of being a adult female. ” ( Kirszner and Mandell 1160 ) . Based on her demands. wants. and beliefs. Rose could hold been her ain individual from the beginning. But she didn’t do that ; she married Troy to go married woman and female parent. For her so. her matrimony with Troy was her full individuality. But afterwards Troy’s determinations for his household and himself helped do Rose develop into a more rounded character.

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