Chapter 5: Writing Business Messages

Three goals of effective message creation.
Planning, writing, and reviewing

What is the AIM planning process?
Audience, Ideas, and Message

What are the components of an audience analysis?
identify reader benefits and constraints, consider reader values and priorities, estimate your credibility, anticipate reactions, and consider secondary audiences.

refer to enduring beliefs and ideals that individuals hold

involve ranking or assigning importance to things, such as projects, goals, and tasks.

What are the components of Idea Development?
identify the business problems, analyze the business problems, and clarify objectives

are statements that can be relied on with a fair amount of certainty (most things are not absolutely certain)

statements that are reasoned or deduced based on facts

stances that you take based on a set of conclusion

What are the components of Message Structuring?
frame the primary message and set up the structure and logic of the message

Direct/Deductive Approach
begins by stating the primary message, which is typically a position or recommendation

Indirect/Inductive Approach
provide supporting reasons first followed by the primary message.

the overall evaluation the reader perceives the writer to have toward the reader and the message content

What are some principles for setting the right tone?
demonstrate positivity and show concern for others

Meta Message
the overall but often underlying messages people take away from a communication or group of communications. Encoded and decoded as a combination of content, tone, and other signals

When testing logic, what should be avoided?
unsupported generalizations, faulty cause/effect claims, weak analogies, either/or logic, slanting of facts, and exaggeration

How do you set the right tone in business messages?
display a can-do attitude, confident attitude, focus on positive rather than negative traits, use diplomatic, constructive terms, avoid relying too heavily on I-voice, respect the time and autonomy of your readers, and give credit to others

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