Chapter 2 Newton’s Laws of Motion – Formative Quiz

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To say there is no such thing as only one force means
there must also be an oppositely directed force.
A given net force propels an object along a straight-line path. If the mass were doubled, its acceleration would
be half.
A jumbo jet of mass 100,000 kg during takeoff experience a thrust for each of its four engines of 50,000 N, producing an acceleration of
2 m/s^2.
Both ends of a piece of rope are pulled by two people in a tug-of-war. If each pulls with a 400-N force, the tension in the rope is
440 N
When a 500-N parachutist opens his chute and experiences 800 N of air resistance, the net force on him is
300 N upward
You drive your car along the highway at a constant 60 km/h and apply the brakes until the car slows to 40 km/h. If at that moment you suddenly release the brakes, the car tends to
continue moving at 40 km/h.
A ball is thrown vertically into the air. Because of air resistance, its time coming down compared with its time going up is
If you carry a heavy bag of groceries and bang your hand against the wall, the concept that best explains why your hand hurts is
A particle is being accelerated through space by a 10-N force. Suddenly the particle encounters a second force of 10 N in the opposite direction. The particle with both forces acting
continues at the same speed it had before encountering the second force
An iron ball and a wooden ball of the same size are dropped from a tall tower. Taking air resistance into consideration, the object to hit the ground first will be the
heavier iron ball
Whirl a rock at the end of a string and it follows a circular path. If the string breaks, the rock tends at first to
follow a straight-line path
A ball is thrown upward and caught when it returns. When air resistance affects the ball, compared with the initial upward speed, the speed of the ball when caught is
To steadily (constantly) increase the velocity of something requires a
constant net force
A quick jerk on a sheet of paper beneath a box of cereal doesn’t topple the box, which best illustrates that
the box has inertia
An huge bear and a leaf fall from a tree through the air to the ground below. The force of air resistance is greater on the
When an apple that weighs 1 N is held at rest above your head, the net force on the apple is
0 N
A heavy object and a light object in a vacuum are dropped at the same time from rest. The heavy object reaches the ground
at the same time as the light object
A given net force propels an object along a straight-line path. If the net force were doubled, its acceleration would
When you toss a ball upward, after the ball leaves your hand
none of the above
A hockey puck slides across a frozen pond. If ice friction and air resistance are neglected, the force needed to keep the puck sliding at constant velocity is
0 N
A ball is thrown vertically upward. At the top of its vertical path, its velocity is
0 m/s
An object in motion tends to remain in motion
without the need of a force.
If you drop an object, it will accelerate downward at a rate of 10 m/s2. If you instead throw it downward, its acceleration (in the absence of air resistance will be
10 m/s^2
A light woman and a heavy man jump from an airplane at the same time and open their same—size parachutes at the same time. Which person reaches a state of zero acceleration first?
the light woman
A commercial jet has a mass of 5000 kg. During takeoff the thrust of its engine is 10,000 N, producing an acceleration of
2 m/s^2
A car traveling at 100 km/h strikes an unfortunate bug that splatters on the windshield. The force of impact is greater on the
same for both
A 1000-kg car accelerates at 2 m/s2. What is the net force exerted on the car?
2000 N
If you jump straight up while inside a fast-moving train that gains speed, you land
slightly behind your original position
A car by itself is capable of a certain maximum acceleration. When it tows a car of the same mass, its maximum acceleration is
When a baseball player hits a ball with a force of 1000 N, the ball exerts a force on the bat of
1000 N
If your automobile runs out of fuel while driving, the engine stops. You don’t come to an abrupt stop because of
A stone is thrown vertically upward. At the top of its vertical path its acceleration is
10 m/s^2
When dishes remain on a table when you yank the tablecloth beneath them, you’re demonstrating
An archer shoots an arrow. If the action force is the bowstring on the arrow, the reaction is the
arrow’s push on the bowstring
A vase sits at rest on a table. If the action force is Earth pulling downward on the vase, the reaction force is the
vase pulling upward on Earth
A force of 1 N accelerates a 1-kg mass at 1 m/s2. The acceleration of a 2-kg mass acted upon by a force of 2 N is
the same
If gravity between the Sun and Earth suddenly vanished, Earth would move in
a straight-line path
A player hits a ball with a bat. If one part of the interaction is the bat against the ball, the other part is the
ball against the bat
A Mack truck and a Mini Cooper traveling at the same speed collide head-on. The collision force is greatest on the
same on both
If an object falls with constant acceleration, the velocity of the object must
continually change by the same amount each second
The air resistance of falling is greatly affected by an object’s frontal area and
A pair of tennis balls fall through the air from a tall building. One ball is regular and the other is filled with lead pellets. The ball to reach the ground first is the
lead-filled ball
The force exerted on the tires of a car to directly accelerate the car along a road is exerted by the
Jake pulls on a 25-kg cart with a constant force of 50 N. What is the wagon’s acceleration?
2.0 m/s^2
If a non-rotating object has no acceleration, then we can say for certain that it is
in mechanical equilibrium
You cannot exert a force on a wall
unless the wall simultaneously exerts the same amount of force on you
A block is dragged at constant velocity across a level surface by a force of 6 N. What is the force of friction between the block and the surface?
6 N
If you are learning to juggle it would be good to slow the ball’s acceleration. You can do this by using
none of the above
A tow truck exerts a force of 3000 N on a car that accelerates at 2 m/s2. What is the mass of the car?
1500 kg
Joshua is attracted toward Earth by a 500-N gravitational force. The Earth is attracted toward Joshua with a force of
500 N
As drops fall from a leaky faucet they become
farther apart as they fall.
A martial arts person breaks a board with a blow of 3000 N. The force that acts on the hand is
3000 N
Inertia is defined as a
property of matter
The emphasis of the orange-and-apple sequence in your text is
to define systems.
When an object falls through the air, as velocity increases the net force
When a rock thrown straight up reaches the exact top of its path, its velocity is
zero and its acceleration is 10 m/s^2.
When you step off a bus moving at 2 m/s, your horizontal speed when you meet the ground is
about 2 m/s
A skydiver jumps from a high-flying plane. As her velocity of fall increases, her acceleration
A parachutist steps from a hovering helicopter and falls for 5 s before reaching terminal velocity. During this 5-s interval, her acceleration
When you toss a coin straight up, it moves upward, turns around, and drops. During all this time the acceleration of the coin is
downward and constant
A sack of potatoes weighing 200 N falls from an airplane. As the velocity of fall increases, air resistance also increases. When air resistance equals 200 N, the sack’s acceleration is
0 m/s^2
Nellie whirls a tether ball in a horizontal circular path over her head. If the action force is Nellie pulling on the string, the reaction force is
the sting pulling on Nellie
Arnold Strongman wearing socks and Suzie Small in gym shoes have a tug-of-war on a polished floor. The likely winner is
A falling object that has reached its terminal speed continues to gain
none of the above
A friend says that the heavyweight champion of the world cannot exert a force of 50 N on a piece of tissue paper with his best punch. The tissue paper is held in midair, no tricks. You
agree that it can’t be done
The acceleration of a rocket increases as it travels upward from the ground mainly because
the mass of the rocket decreases as fuel is burned
When you rub your hands together, you
cannot push harder on one hand than the other
How many forces act on an upwardly tossed coin when it gets to the top of its path?
one; the force due to gravity
The force of a boxer’s punch is greater when it hits a
heavy punching bag
Earth exerts a force on the Moon. These two bodies make up
one interaction
A skydiver who weighs 500 N reaches terminal velocity at 90 km/h. The air resistance on the skydiver is
500 N
A space probe in remote outer space continues moving
even though no force acts on it
If an object’s mass is decreasing while a constant force is applied to the object, the acceleration
A pair of tennis balls fall through the air from a tall A pair of tennis balls fall through the air from a tall building. One ball is regular and the other is filled with lead pellets. Air resistance just before they hit is greater for the
lead-filled ball
Action and reaction forces are parts of
a single interaction
A 10-kg brick and a 1-kg book are dropped in a vacuum. The acceleration of the 10-kg brick is
the same as that of the 1-kg book
If you jump vertically while inside a fast-moving train that is slowing down, you land
a bit ahead of your original position.
Earth moves about 30 km/s relative to the Sun. When you jump upward in front of a wall, the wall doesn’t slam into you at 30 km/s because the wall
and you move at the same horizontal speed, before, during, and after your jump.
A math book and a science book are tied together with a length of string. With the string taut, one book is pushed off the edge of a table. As it falls, the other book is dragged horizontally across the table surface. With no friction, acceleration of the books is
between zero and g.
A moving van with a stone lightly glued to the midpoint of its ceiling smoothly moves at constant velocity. When the glue gives way, the stone falls and hits the floor
exactly below the midpoint of the ceiling
A heavy rock and a light rock in free fall have the same acceleration because the
ratio of force to mass is the same
A push on a 1-kg brick accelerates the brick. Neglecting friction, to equally accelerate a 10-kg brick requires the force to be
10 times as much
A heavy block at rest is suspended by a vertical rope. When the block is accelerated upward by the rope, the rope tension
is greater than its weight.
A Mack truck and a Mini Cooper traveling at the same speed collide head-on. The vehicle to undergo the greatest change in velocity will be the
Mini Cooper.
A stone is thrown vertically upward. At the top of its vertical path the force acting on it is
only the force due to gravity.
The attraction of Earth on a skydiver pulls the diver downward. The reaction to this force is
none of the above
If the mass of an object does not change, a constant net force on the object produces constant
Newton’s second law focuses on
When a rocket ship gaining speed in remote, gravity-free outer space runs out of fuel, it
no longer gains speed.
The net force on any object moving at constant velocity is
A player catches a ball. Consider the action force to be the ball against the player’s glove. The reaction is the
force of the glove on the ball

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