Business-2-Business Marketing

First Step of B2B Buying Process
Need Recognition
Need Recognition
Can be generated internally or externally
Second Step of B2B Buying Process
Product Specification
Product Specificaiton
-Suppliers use to develop proposals
-Can be done collaboratively with suppliers
Third Step of B2B Buying Process
RFP Process
RFP Process
Request for Proposal
Fourth Step of B2B Buying Process
Proposal Analysis, Vendor Negotiation and Selection
Proposal Analysis, Vendor Negotiation, and Selection
-Often several vendors are negotiating against each other
-Considerations other than price play a role in final selection
Fifth Step of B2B Buying Process
Order Specification
Order Specification
-Firm places the order
-The exact details of the purchase are specified
-All terms are detailed including payment
Sixth Step of B2B Buying Process
Vendor Analysis
Factors Affecting the Buying Process
-The buying center
-Buying situation
-Organization culture
The Buying Process
Buying Situations
-New Buy
-Modified Rebuy
-Straight Rebuy
New Buy
-Purchasing for the first time
-Likely to be quite involved
-The buying center will probably use all six steps in the buying process
Modified Rebuy
-Purchasing a similar product but changing specifications
-Current vendors have an advantage
Straight Rebuys
-Buying additional units or products that have been previously purchased
-Most B2B purchases fall into this category
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