Burger Machine SWOT Analysis Essay Example
Burger Machine SWOT Analysis Essay Example

Burger Machine SWOT Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: October 2, 2017
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As said in the paragraph above. Burger Machine’s trade name name is its chief “trump card” in the Burger stall market today. When Filipinos think of low-cost Burgers from Burger stables. they would most likely think of Burger Machine. This increases their opportunities for repetition and impulse purchasers. which sets them apart from their rivals. Taste

Aside from the company’s strong trade name power. the unforgettable gustatory sensation of its Burgers should be considered as one of its strengths. The company prides itself in making particular sauces every bit good as holding its ain particular coleslaw. This allows the company to divide itself from its rivals and besides helps in pulling more clients in the procedure.



A stall’s cleanliness is one of the most of import finding factors of a company’s concern. Stalls should ever be


kept every bit clean as possible and it seems that Burger Machine does non precisely adhere to this sort of thought. Burger machine stables are normally old and rusty. for the company has non yet changed the manner their stables have been presented and constructed all throughout these old ages.


Location besides plays a critical portion of in the overall cleanliness of a stall. Burger Machine stables are normally located in dark. foul. and soiled streets. This adds up to the overall unsatisfactory cleanliness of the nutrient stall.

Management/ Service

Lack of proper stall direction should besides be considered as one of the failings that are present in the company. Normally. one employee would be given the undertaking of pull offing a Burger Machine stall. With all the pes traffic that the company can pull in one twenty-four hours. the quality of service that

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the stall can supply to its clients normally takes a hit. due to the deficiency of forces.


High Demand for Western nutrient in the Philippines

Filipinos presents have adapted a westernized sort of outlook when it comes to eating nutrient. The rise of Burgers and other western types of nutrient in the Filipino market are now get downing to interpret in a higher demand for Burgers in the state.


Emergence of Jolly Jeep

Reasonably Jeeps are ‘mobile’ stables that are seen largely around call centre bureaus and other offices. They fundamentally offer broad discrepancies of nutrient. from rice repasts to thumb nutrients. This poses a menace to the company because of the fact that it can function as an option for people with low budgets. who like to hold a broad choice of nutrient to take from.

Wide Expansion of Minute Burger

Minute Burger. one of Burger Machine’s biggest rivals now operates in major metropoliss and states in the state. Burger Machine prides itself in being the 4th overall in entire figure of stables in the Filipino Market today. If rivals such as Minute Burger continue to spread out to other parts in the Philippines. it can present as a menace to Burger machine every bit good.


Infinitesimal Burger

Minute Burger has been the Burger Machine’s greatest challenger of all time since the 90’s. The company operates in major metropoliss and locations around the Philippines and fundamentally follows the same concern construct that Burger Machine has been utilizing all of this clip. As of March 2012. the company has more than 130 franchisees. which operates in more than 350 shops countrywide. Minute Burger. merely like Burger Machine. sells its merchandises through the usage

of ‘mobile’ cart. They besides have a broad discrepancy of Burgers to offer to their market and besides other nutrient offerings here and at that place.

Angel’s Burger

The outgrowth of Angel’s Burger in the Burger industry started in the late 2000’s. The company is one of the open uping trade names in get downing the “buy-one-take-one” Burger tendency. which has been dining as of late. With their monetary values positioned lower than trade names such as Burger Machine. Angel’s Burger focuses on supplying its clients a measure of Burgers. alternatively of its existent quality. Although there is no immediate information. that is available to consumers about the exact figure of stables that the company has. one can non deny that legion stables of this franchise can be seen all around the Metro Manila part and is go oning to spread out to other countries in the Philippines.

Market Needs

Quick Food Service

We are populating in a fast-paced universe and everybody seeks for a nutrient beginning which can supply them with a speedy. but significant repast. Cheap Food Options
Monetary values are traveling up each twelvemonth ; from gas monetary values to other necessities. Peoples presents are thriftier when it comes to purchasing nutrient. They frequently times have day-to-day budgets. in order for them to travel about their concern without a dither. Therefore. it leads to the market to prefer nutrient stables. which are heavy in the tummy. but light in the pocket every bit good.

Market Trends


Like it is said in the aforesaid portion of this paper. people today seek to happen the most bang-for-the-buck nutrient option. and promos merely like buy-one-take-one have been a necessity. most particularly for lower

market sections.

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