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McDonald’s and Burger King are two separate entities with a lot of differences, but the two have been competitors for decades. In order for one to know why the two have come to compete over the years, he or she must first understand the two entities and their entirety. This paper will analyze the differences of the corporate cultures of McDonald’s and Burger King, Analyze the ways in which the two have benefited from one another’s competition, and discuss the ways in which the companies will continue to grow if their current culture would require a change.

McDonald’s Corporation was founded in 1955 on a simple concept that allowed the company to focus on the quality. McDonald’s featured a limited menu with Just burgers, fries and beverages. The concept of establishing McDonald’s Corporation was very simple; the owners set out to create a taste that would be the same regardless of the location. McDonald’s core principle was “quality, service, cleanliness, and value. In order to ensure quality, McDonald’s made sure that all of the ingredients that would be used would first be test, and then they would go wrought the taste process, and the items wouldn’t be perfected until there was the assurance that the item fitted McDonald’s operating system. McDonald’s continued to grow rapidly over time. This included advancement to already famous burgers to creating breakfast items to Join its menu, over time, the concept of which the business was founded has always remained the same.

The principle in which McDonald’s Corporation was founded is very clear. The values of McDonald’s Corporation are Just as clear as its principles; McDonald’s works to improve environmental performances. McDonald’s have been working with peeping environmental scorecards to keep track of the use of resources to hopefully minimizing our environmental impacts. Also, McDonald’s wanted to focus on providing good food, but there was also the focus on food safety. McDonald’s focuses on trying to reach this goal while focusing on ethical solutions.

McDonald’s strives to focus its people, investing in education and rewarding achievement. McDonald’s system depicts the “three-legged stool,” owner/operators, suppliers, and company employees. Burger King was founded in 1954 this began “the legacy of flame-broiled beef and commitment to quality ingredients and friendly service. Burger King evolved at a rapid pace, adding and changing items on the menu to meet the needs of the customers. Burger King is known for providing, high-quality affordable food.

There are several things that contributed Burger King becoming a successful business; its main commitment is to provide premium ingredients and friendly dining experiences. These are Just a few of the many principles, values, and beliefs of Burger King. Burger King Focuses on the people by changing their menu to focus on the nutritional aspects of their customer’s lives, Also, Burger King is committed to investing in its employees, and tries to always maintain a work friendly environment. Burger King focuses on being more environmentally friendly by choosing to recycle.

Also, it is committed to using suppliers that are responsible with the ways in which they raise their beef. Even though there has been a clear drawn our competition between Burger King and McDonald’s, there are ways in which each entity has benefited from one another. The two have benefited from one other in marketing, growth, and quality. First, the two have benefited from one other in marketing. Any time that the two impasses have uses one other to compare products in the media whether radio advertisement, television ad, or through social networking, the two have made each other relevant.

For example, when Burger King uses a campaign that argues that its fries is better than McDonald fries, it creates the question in the consumer head. If a person thought that Burger King had the better fries and they have been compared to McDonald fries that makes that customer want to see what all the hype is about or are the fries better. Also, if there are always ads that compare the two or saying one eats out the other, it is way to market the other party product. Another way that burger king and McDonald’s have benefited from each other is in growth or menu variety.

Both companies have looked at what one another has created and decided that is was something that it could add to its menu in order to become more competitive. Most of the products that was innovated through both companies came from what one seen the other do. If a company is going to remain competitive in the market, it has to offer a similar or better product than its competitor regularly. If here was not any competition there would be little growth. Also, the trends in food and one adopting the idea to go healthier has made it most impossible for the other to follow.

This is how the growth in the companies’ products as well as services has benefited from one another. Finally, the two have benefited for one another in enhancing quality of food. When either Burger King or McDonald’s decides to do things like invest in beef that is only raised responsibility, it creates a better quality of meat. If one company switches to this concept, more than likely the other company ill search for unique ways enhance the quality of the beef, and over time, the quality of the food that each company produces will become better and better.

Basically, both companies have to keep investing in better quality in order to try to get a leg up on its competition, but both of the companies benefit because they are both producing better quality of meat. In the event that the corporate culture change for either of the two businesses, the two would still thrive because they would have identified ways to better serve their consumer. For example if the values of Burger King would change in the ways in which Kirk, J. (1998, Jan 14). In fry fray, burger king and McDonald’s sales sizzle.

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