Mcdonalds vs Burger King

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In 1940, McDonald’s was first opened in San Bernardino, California by two men, Dick and Mac McDonald. At first, it was called McDonald’s Bar-B-Que. In 1948, the restaurant was shut down for three months for alterations. The menu was reduced to nine items: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, coffee, potato chips, and a slice of pie. They then changed their name to McDonalds as they changed their menu and stop serving Bar-b-Que. In 1954, Burger King was first opened by Keith Kramer and his wife. It was first named Insta Burger King, because they used an insta broiler.

Since it was failing in 1959, James McLamore and David R. Edgerton purchased it and changed its name to Burger King. The duo ran the company as an independent entity for eight years, eventually expanding to over 250 locations in the United States, when they sold it to the Pillsbury Company in 1967. The menu has evolved from just burgers, fries, and shakes to just about everything that McDonalds has. McDonald’s has a mascot that is named Ronald McDonald. So, in order to keep up with what McDonald’s was doing, Burger King came up with their own mascot not too far from McDonald’s, they have the King as there mascot.

Burger King has recently fired the King mascot, because they said a couple commercials scared children. They have yet found another mascot. McDonald’s has the Ronald McDonald House to help sick kids. Burger King has not done that as of yet, but they do have what is called the Burger King scholarship, which is available to employees and their family. I have worked for Burger King for almost four years, and I cannot stand the food they have there. Every week, Burger King copies something on the McDonald’s menu. I do not understand why they cannot create their own ideas. McDonalds, to me, has better tasting burgers and fries.

McDonald’s has fried burgers and Burger King has grilled burgers. But Burger Kings burgers do not have a charcoal taste because they use a gas broiler, so to me it tastes like burned meat. I love the taste of McDonald’s burgers and fries. My favorite is the mcdouble or the big mac. Everything that McDonald’s Burger King is not too far behind. Starting next week Burger King is getting rid of the cheesy bacon wrap and getting the breakfast burrito. Just like McDonalds. Next week we are also getting some familiar thing from McDonalds like the frapachino, smoothies, new salads, and new flavored coffees.

They are also in talks to come out with a cookie called the Kings cookies. Starting no later than mid-June Burger King will be getting all new uniforms that are almost the same as McDonalds. The managers such as me will have white shirts with ties, and the crew members will have red shirts. McDonald’s has the big mac Burger King have the deluxe topper which is the same as the big mac but just has two slices of bread and one thick meat patty. McDonald’s has ice cream cones for a dollar; Burger King just got ice cream cones for a dollar.

McDonald’s has a spice chicken sandwich Burger King have a spicy chicken both for a dollar. McDonalds has chicken nuggets Burger King has chicken tenders. Burger King is getting a southern style chicken sandwich called the King crispy chicken sandwich McDonald’s has the original home style chicken sandwich. McDonald’s has the quarter pounder, and Burger King has the chef’s choice or the whopper. McDonald’s has the fish filet Burger King has the big fish. One thing I can say about Burger King is they have croissants and onion rings where McDonalds does not. This week we have got some more familiar items like McDonalds.

White bags, we use to have the big brown bags that said Burger king all over them, now Burger King has white bags, just like McDonalds that say Burger King only in the top corner. And when it comes to the chicken tenders or chicken Mcnuggets again Burger King is trying to copy McDonalds once again. We use to have chicken tenders shaped like a crown or a lightning bolt. But when they looked at the sales of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and our chicken tenders they put them under construction and now we have chicken tenders just like the ones McDonalds has shape and all.

But the ones Burger King’s has are not as crispy and the ones McDonalds has. They say they are all white meat but I beg to differ. If it is all white meat then it is the bone to. I must say that the new chicken tenders at Burger king are much better than the old one I would still rather have the ones from McDonalds then from Burger king. McDonalds has chicken select and Burger King has just came out with chicken strips. Everything right down to the size count and the sauces to go with it. One thing that Burger King is starting new is that they are trying to introduce ll fresh items on its menu. They are using new fresh cut lettuces, onions, salads, and trying to become a healthier restaurant. Something new that McDonalds is trying is in their kid’s meals they are giving a smaller fry and also giving the kids apple slices. Burger King has yet to jump on this concept, but I’m sure it is not too far behind. So as you can see right down to the mascot Burger King is trying to keep up with everything that McDonalds does. The fast food business is a multi-billion dollar industry. The two businesses running in the lead is McDonald’s and Burger King.

McDonalds is still the leader of the pack with Burger King not too far behind. The two fast food businesses are in close competition with each other. And have sales above all the rest. There are McDonald’s and Burger King corporate and franchises stores all over the world. McDonald’s has more stores both corporate and franchise store all over the world. But Burger King is not too far behind. Pretty much, whichever restaurant you go to, you will get the same kind of items. Fast food will always be the most popular choice in the hospitality industry, for those on the go that want to pick up a quick bit to eat.

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