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Man is by far the most critical resource of an organization.

No amount of money, materials and machines can produce results by themselves. Men are needed to manage them. Machines can be programmed to take over routine, repetitive jobs, but only a human brain can design the machines. Certainly useful advice except for the drawback that good people, leave alone the best, are so difficult to find. To find the right people is an oft heard lament from many a HR Management.It is indeed a paradoxical situation that we have so much unemployment on the one hand and on the other it is genuinely difficult to find the right sort of people.

This only reinforces the fact that a good worker is a valuable asset to any company. And, every HRM must constantly be on the look out for people with potential and attract them to join his company. A HR Manager with a competent team has already won half the battle. However, competent or brilliant individuals may be, if they cannot work together with each other they are of not much use to a company.It is up to the HRM to mesh individuals into a well-knit team. The HRM who cannot build his team cannot succeed.

Teams should be built on the principles of division of labor, specialization of work and mutual give and take. Unilever UK is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of leading brands in food, home care and personal care products. The brand helps people to look good, feel good and get more out of life. Besides Uk the company has corporate offices in Europe, USA and Asia. I have the opportunity to join this company as Human Resource Assistant.Having clear cut areas of functioning and responsibility, this company has been able to create the right team spirit and are very successful.

Realizing the importance of creating a team spirit and teamwork for achieving the organizational objectives, Unilever UK is trying to build this up in every possible way. This company refers to its people as associates and as partners. The company’s overall perspective and all actions are guided by its objectives. The critical duties are in learning, guiding and development of activities of employees.Managing the people in any organization is the fundamental process that forms the basis of all human resource activities and is essential to the valediction of any and all major human resources.

The work involves analysis in a systematic process of gathering, documenting and analyzing data about the work required for a job. The data collected in a job, and reflected through a job description, includes a description of the context and principal duties of the job, and information about the skills, responsibilities, mental models and techniques to be used to attain the result.These include the Position Analysis Questionnaire, which focuses on generalized human behaviors and interviews, task inventories, functional analysis and the job element method. It provides an objective picture of the work and as such provides fundamental information to support all subsequent and related HR activities, such as recruitment, training, development, performance management and succession planning.

The work serves two critical functions with respect to these processes.The investigation helps ensure that decisions made with respect to HR processes are good decisions i. e. , fair and accurate e.g. , selection of the right person for the job, appropriate decisions about training, performance management, development, etc.

and its helps ensure the defensibility of decisions made to employee resulting in good HR management. TASK 2 ORGANISATION Unilever UK has a set of actions and it is maintaining those. It has the integrated vision and direction as well as it derives, articulates, communicates and implements that vision and direction. The people and work are organized, the policies and procedures which govern the way in which the Unilever UK acts within itself and within its environment.All the processes and information flows that link the organization together, the decision making systems within the organization that range from management intuition, to structured computer systems to complex expert systems and artificial intelligence.

It also includes computer systems, operational systems, HR systems, etc. Managers behave as per the laid down procedures, employees share the common way of thinking and behaving – unwritten norms of behavior and thought, organizational culture etc.The company develops managers (current and future), proper selection, periodical training, retention, motivation and assignment to employees for the welfare of employees. Longer-term vision, and all that values stuff, that shapes the destiny of the organization are juxtaposed in the planning. Dominant attributes or capabilities that exist in the organization.

It refers to the fact that employees in Unilever UK have the skills needed to carry out the company’s strategy. Training and Development programmes ensure people know how to do their jobs and stay up to date with the latest techniques.

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