Breast Cancer Screening
Breast Cancer Screening

Breast Cancer Screening

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  • Published: November 6, 2021
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Breast cancer is a common disease that is claiming lives at a very alarming rate, women being the most vulnerable population. A distinctive character of this disease is that it is hereditary, so some of these cases are unavoidable, and it is essential for all people to stay alert to any changes in their breasts. Screening is checking for any abnormalities with the breast like lumps, discharge from the nipples and nipple tenderness among others. Testing helps to detect the disease early, and this provides higher chances of controlling the infirmity through the appropriate medical measures. It is cheaper and simpler to prevent the disease than to cure, since it proves a costly and rather a complex disease to deal with once it develops to the later stages.

If the illness is detected early, the patient will not undergo chemotherapy or mastectomy (Rojananin, 2009). Some of its symptoms are not easily noticeable, and for that reason, it is advisable to go for screening to ensure that one is on the safe side. In the case of abnormalities after the screening, one is advised to do the diagnostic test but does not mean that one has the breast cancer.

This type of cancer is prevalent in women who are over the age of 40 years, and the risk of contacting is higher as the age increases (National Health Service, 2015). However, there are few cases of women under the age of forty, and this puts all mature women at a risk. Precisely, this affirms the reason I chose to write abo


ut breast cancer screening. My screening will be open to women of all ages. That will be a good idea not to segregate any female since they are vulnerable to breast cancer. In my screening, I will also give the priority to the elderly women basing on the fact that they are at a higher risk to get breast cancer more than the younger generation. Other special cases to put into considerations are those who have had the history of breast cancer in their families.

According to Cancer screening, it is done through a mammography which is the test performed to detect if the client has breast cancer (American Cancer Society, 2015). It is an exercise which is carried out in a mammography machine where the breast is placed in between two plates, and an x-ray is taken. In my screening procedure, I made sure that I had several assistants and a specialist to record, analyze the images after the x-rays, and document the results. I gave a brief explanation of the benefits of the breast cancer screening and what is expected in the test. I then assisted to compress the breast in between the plates and was sure to tell the patient to raise the alarm in case the pain was unbearable.

The compressing helps to keep the vulnerable part in place and make the tissue thinner for a better x-ray which will result to clear images (American Cancer Society, 2015). Some of these clients were tensed, and they almost changed their mind especially those who were doing it for the first time. However,

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my efforts to explain how the process was essential in maintaining their health, none of them resisted against undertaking the test.

Due to the high turnover, I had an arrangement with my assistants to record the names of the clients and give them numbers in the order of their arrival so that the exercise is done fairly. After the x-ray, I sent the client to the waiting room and passed the results to the specialists for analysis. I further ensured that an expert was already interpreting the results and advising the patient of the next move. My primary objective was to give quality services to my patients, assess as many cases as possible, and prove my campaign against breast cancer a success. During the x-ray, I was keen enough to adjust the machine to the comfort of the client so that they do not get a negative attitude towards the screening. People had come from the locality as well as from different states, and that was an encouragement since I knew our society was familiarizing with the fatal cancer disease, therefore taking the appropriate precautions. Mortality rates due to breast cancer will also reduce.

The cost of breast screening varies from one region to another according to the Medical News Today (2013) which estimates the expenses ranging from $42 to $107 per person. In my planning, I decided to charge a standard amount of $50 per client to make it affordable to as many clients as possible. Such an amount would help settle all the expenses that I incurred to set up the equipment and pay my staff as well. However, I considered a few cases of people who could not raise that kind of money and screened them as well. The whole exercise turned out to be a success, and I felt that the dream to see a healthy nation free of breast cancer was beginning to come true. In future, I plan to have campaigns to create awareness to all women and educate them about the benefits of early breast cancer screening.


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