Being a Christian leader Essay Example
Being a Christian leader Essay Example

Being a Christian leader Essay Example

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  • Published: October 9, 2017
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Church convey together people from assorted diverseness, it can be a topographic point for joy, felicity, harmoniousness or struggle. Leaderships are loaded with duty carry out determinations, which are non every bit appreciated by all. Some are critical and create differences with such determinations. Besides this, there are several other ground which causes struggle in church; choler, defeat, incompatible ends, self-interest and many more. There are more ground to be in struggle than to be a happy individual.

The leader in church have difficult clip pull offing struggle because people have outlook of church being conflict free. But such premise merely thwart the struggle. God dreamed in Acts 2: 44-47 (NIV), "All the trusters were together and had everything in common. Selling their ownerships and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. Every twenty-four hours they continued to run into together in the temple courts. They broke breadin their places and ate together with sword lily and sincere Black Marias, praising God and basking the favour of all the people. And the Lord added to their numberdaily those who were being saved. "These poetries nowadayss us with a extraordinary family of fold in our church. But this is non what our ideal church turned out to be. Church are expected to be place full of love and leaders are assumed to run a church struggle free. Therefore, leader feels to admit struggle in church is failure of leading. Conflict is opposite of what God asked us for.

It is extreme of import to understand about struggle, if we are to be a witting leader on this subject.


Therefore, the intent of this paper is to explicate how my cognition about struggle helps me to be a more witting leader.


The word struggle is derived from Latin for "to collide or prosecute in a battle"(Miller 2005). Conflict is built-in features of human societal system, hence act uponing all facets of human life.

Nicholson defines (1992, p. 11)“A struggle exists when two people wish to transport out Acts of the Apostless which are reciprocally inconsistent. They may both desire to make the same thing…or they may desire to make different things where the different things are reciprocally incompatible…A struggle is resolved when some reciprocally compatible set of actions is worked out. The definition of struggle can be extended from persons to groups (such as provinces or states), and more than two parties can be involved in the struggle. The rules remain the same”. Besides Reychler and Paffenhold (2001, p. 5) describes struggle as, "the chase of incompatible ends by different groups ''.

Bing an built-in features, there is ever possibility that a Christian leader finds him/herself embroiled in a struggle state of affairs.

Miall (2005)et el referred to Morton Deutsch to indicate out how a struggle can be destructive and constructive, doing clear former to be avoided and latter as a indispensable constituent for human creativeness. Conflict can convey dynamism inside any organisation or church as struggle can destruct you or go forth you more stronger. So it is indispensable for a Christian leader to be equipped with accomplishments required to decide of all time emerging struggl

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state of affairs.

It is safe to declare, Conflict is present in life of a Christian leader and Church, they are non ever destructive in nature. The effects can be made favourable if the leader posses the cognition to cover with the struggle state of affairs.

Nature of Conflict

Gene Cagas in an on-line article references about three distinguishable manner a struggle been perceived. Traditional attack which believes struggle are ever harmful. Christian who support this believes universe was created perfect but struggle is the consequence of "Fall" or wickedness.

Second attack accepts conflict is inevitable, as an organisation is composite of several smaller groups with separate and single involvement. As in a church there are trusters with distinguishable gifts and focal point, which form a ministry. And each ministry attempt to stand out in its function sing it to be of extreme significance which consequences in clash within ministries.

Third attack focal point on the demand of struggle to convey dynamism in its organisational construction.

Understanding nature of struggle helps me take a way in direction of struggle which are less hazardous in nature and assures productiveness that devastation.

Causes of Conflict

The complex portion of struggle is happening the root cause of struggle. Harmonizing to Beer and Packard, at the nucleus of the struggle there is one 's protection of person or something, it may be a individual, thought or undertaking. Besides the people are angry on certain chance they do non hold, or fear the injury some determination causes. Peoples besides come to conflict when their opportunism are challenged, in footings of their addition or loss.

In a church people of different diverseness think otherwise which is adequate to convey some differences. In add-on we have subjects of religion, denomination, ministries adding fuel to conflict. If leader can place the cause of struggle, it proves significant in developing schemes to cover with them.

John Wallace finds the general causes of struggle in church as force per unit areas, functions, ends, failure, ignorance, confusion.

Conflict Declaration

The success of understanding struggle lies in its declaration. A leader may non avoid a struggle but can pull off struggle good. A leader should encompass proactive attack for struggle. Harmonizing to Ramsbotham, Woodhouse and Miall (p. 31)"Conflict declaration implies that the deep-seated beginnings of struggle are addressed and transformed. "Here the issues sing struggle are brought onto colony. The key for deciding struggle is communicating, no affair how one choose to decide communicating is cardinal. The struggle escalate to awful state of affairs as the communicating disintegrates.

A leader need many indispensable qualities while pull offing a struggle like unimportance, forbearance, love, find the truth, indifferent.

Merely leader with such qualities can win the trust in struggle state of affairs and decide the state of affairs to convey best out of it.

How to cover with struggle as a Christian

For a Christian who is in struggle or pull offing struggle, Scripture provides a significant counsel. Jesus is the perfect theoretical account to follow while in struggle.

During conflict our emotions are running high and they become swayer of our behaviour and responses, therefore we are angry and want to hold our retaliation. There is a sense of

fright to acquire hurt or to lose. In such instance it is non appropriate to move on our emotions, instead if we focus on Bible, it will steer us to move rationally. There are several cases my emotions got better of me but lodging to God 's word mostly assist me to avoid wickedness and harming others.

Besides, the God provides us methods of managing struggle which differ from modern-day methods. The struggle in church comes with enticement to win and convey our oppositions to articulatio genuss. We give ourselves to cunning and unlawful thoughts and take aid from soiled political political orientations to convey favour to our side. These are against the moral guidelines of Bible. We feel the universe is non a topographic point to offer our following cheek to acquire slapped, we selfishly came really far from Biblical instruction. We compromise our sense of unimportance and inherit no mark of Christ like forfeit. We have to understand if we are dedicated to Jesus and His instruction we can happen ways to acquire over struggle through peace, forfeit and servant leading.

Personal Contemplation

My personal life has been through legion struggles. The struggles ranges from struggle within me to conflict with my household, friends or even aliens. I must hold I was non good in conflict state of affairs. I was the 1 who wants to set struggle under the struggle and move on.

The survey on struggle have been a life altering experience. The class presented me with a new position for covering with the topic of struggle. Now I realized there are more possibilities and opportunities a struggle can make, merely if a leader can posses the apprehension and experience. And I am certain that the class have been successful to fit me with the qualities needed to undertake any struggle state of affairs and decide in such a manner which will protract any deteriorating relationship.


After the terminal of the class I have figured the differentiation between religion and its pattern. People 's outlook that struggle is against Scripture is theologically groundless. The leader should see struggle as on-going activity, there is no societal construction where struggle does non happen. This resonates with a transition in Ecclesiastes 7: 20 (NIV): `` Indeed, there is no 1 on Earth who is righteous, no 1 who does what is right and ne'er wickednesss. "Therefore if any struggle occurs in my church, it will non take me by surprise any longer. My inclination to avoid the struggle or this should non go on in my church will be replaced with I know how to cover with this struggle state of affairs and how to convey best of it.

Now I in my function as a leader will concentrate on two of import facet of struggle

  1.  To admit Conflict is regular and normal phenomenon in church.
  2. My leading will expect the struggle and will turn to the state of affairs in appropriate clip in such a manner that it will beef up our family in God and brings peace and joy.


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