What Are Christian Business Ethics

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Today, there are many dishonest dealings done by businesses. They may have prices that are way too high, less than quality products, or make claims made that are simply not true. I shudder at the scam business opportunities that prey on people who are desperate for a better way. This is not the way to please people or God.

Christian business ethics must include honesty, fairness and treating others with kindness and respect. I believe these are the basics, but if we really want to run our businesses on Biblical principles, we should go beyond the basics.What about outstanding customer service and turning the other cheek when someone is nasty to us? Running our businesses based on Christian standards doesn’t mean letting people walk all over us. I think we can look at Jesus for our example in this.

Jesus was firm but kind. He didn’t let people get away with just anything, but always reacted in a way that stood for what was right. He gave when He had the opportunity, but He also worked as a carpenter for a living. So, I believe He worked to provide for His needs and to also have something to give to others when they needed it.

There will be times when, as a Christian business owner, you will have the opportunity to share some of your earnings with others who need it. Don’t let those opportunities go by! You will be blessed in the long run when you give to others willingly. There may be other times when you feel someone is trying to take advantage of you, asking for everything for free. You will need to be discerning about when God is calling on you to help someone out and when you need to be firm and not give everything away.Ask God for wisdom in this and He will give it to you.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. ” James 1:5 Christian business ethics are not meant to put a burden on you, but rather to give you life and blessing. Laurie Neumann is a Christian business owner who thinks it is essential to run a business in a way that honors God. Don’t miss her new eBook, “Run Your Business God’s Way” – a Biblical and practical guide to implementing good Christian business ethics.

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