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Density (practice for test)

What is density? a relationship between mass and volume. If we have apple juice with a density of 1.04g/mL, will chocolate (1.2g/mL)sink or float? Chocolate will Sink in Apple Juice What is the equation for density? Density = mass / volume Apples are more dense than oranges,water is less dense than oranges,hot sauce is the […]

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Module # 15 Light

15.1 Which of the pictures below is the best illustration of the quantum-mechanical theory of light? b. 15.2 Suppose a particle is traveling through air at 250,000,000 meters per second. If the particle suddenly hits a lake, what will happen to its speed? The particle’s speed will drop. 2. Explain the wave theory of light, […]

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Ch7 lesson 3 and vocab (history)

TRUE OR FALSE: John Locke believed that all people have natural rights to life, liberty, and property. True TRUE OR FALSE: The idea for balance of powers in government came from Baron de Montesquieu. True TRUE OR FALSE: Baron de Montesquieu believed that government is based on a contract between people and the ruler. False, […]

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Lab 2 – Chromatography of Photosynthetic Pigments

What was the purpose of this lab? To extract photosynthetic pigments from spinach leaves by paper chromatography and then measure their absorbances at different levels using spectrophotmetry What are the photosynthetic pigments that were looked at? chlorophyll A, chlorophyll B, beta-carotene, lutein, and violaxanthin What are lutein and violaxathin both known as? xanthophylls Where are […]

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Book Report #2 Darth Paper Strikes Back by Tom Angleberger vocabulary list Oscar Silva

Compression \”I drop into the bowl, get great compression, and come up from the grind.\” (Noun) pg 28 \”to press or squeeze (something) so that it is smaller or fills less space\” MW I need to compress my blanket for it to fit in my bag. Silhouette \”I look up and see this tiny figure […]

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assisting in the analysis of urine

myoglobinuria it is an abnormal presence of a hemoglobin-like chemical of muscle tissue in urine as the result of muscle deterioration phenylalanine it is an essential amino acid found in milk, eggs, and other foods ischemia decreased blood flow to a body part or organ caused by constriction or plugging of the supplying artery enzymatic […]

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Environmental quality Chapter 21-24

What potential health problems are likely to result from the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) into the environment? Hormonal effects Which of the following is an example of a synthetic organic compound found in polluted water? Chloroform Sources of mercury coal burning power plants, municipal and medical waste, batteries, paint, and burned plastic. Which […]

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ch. 3 newspapers

seditious language language that authorities believe could incite rebellion against the government libel a false statement that damages a person’s character or reputation by exposing that person to public ridicule 1690, Publick Occurrences America’s first newspaper was published in Boston when? What was it called? 1982 Gannett Co. creates USA Today, using splashy format and […]

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Survey of American History-Chapter 5

All of the following were seen as ways to instruct the public in civic virtue except folk traditions Which of the following events happened first the signing of the Treaty of Paris Supporters of ratification of the constitution included large segments of all the following groups except officers of the continental army Why did the […]

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Federalist Papers Summaries

Introduction Summary: Those that signed the drafted Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787, agreed that only after being ratified by nine of thirteen states would the document take affect. Fearing that their hard work would be wasted by the disapproval of the powerful states, Virginia and New York, actions were taken to get the Constitution approved. […]

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Word-Section 3

Clipboard, Home You will find the Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons in the____ group in the ___ tab. Keep formatting only Which of the following is NOT one of the options available in the Paste Options button? Ctrl You can move text in a Woed document by dragging it with the mouse, or you can […]

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AP Lang Rhetorical Analysis Terms

Ad hominem argument from the Latin meaning \”to or against the man,\” this is an argument that appeals to emotion rather than reason; mud slinging; attacking the man rather than the issue. Allegory the device of using character and/or story elements symbolically to represent an abstraction in addition to the literal meaning. The allegorical meaning […]

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Declaration of Independence from essay prompts.

1 There comes a time in a person’s life when they have to write a paper they know nothing about. Right now is my time to declare my independence from essay prompts. I Henry Gregory declare my independence from writing these boring, critical, and wretched papers with meaningless topics. It is my time to throw […]

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The Crucible Essay #1

intro 3 sentence summary theme thesis 3 sentence summary –The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a story about the Salem Witch Trials of 1629 -When a group of girls led by abigail williams is suspected of witchcraft, they deflect the accusations onto other people in the community – The husbands of the accused, John Proctor, […]

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APUSH Long Essay Rubric

Thesis 1 point Historically defensible and addresses all parts of the question Located in one place either in intro on conclusion One or more sentences Comparison 1 point compare and contrast individuals ,events, processes, developments 1 point explain the reason for similarities and differences or (depending on the prompt) explains the relative significance Causation 1 […]

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Which of the following is correct concerning cross-cultural studies on trait theories?

A) No evidence has been found to support these theories. B) Most cultural research methods are too vague to be validated. C) Research in this area is too new to report any findings. D) Evidence for the five trait dimensions has been found in several cultures. Answer: D. Evidence for the five trait dimensions has […]

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To gather formal information about audience members’ attitudes, beliefs, and values, you can

Answer: ask open-ended and closed-ended questions on a survey. Recource COM 135- Exam 1

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Social loafing is MOST likely to occur among

Answer: audience members who are asked to applaud after a speaker is introduced. Recource 5 Homework 2

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